Editing Instagram Photos And Managing Feeds From Mobile Screens

Marketers often complain of an issue when it comes to Instagram marketing. It is often found that it is very hard to edit the photos and manage the feeds from small mobile screens. This issue can be serious as it will certainly restrict the reach of your posts given the fact that most of the people use smartphones today and Instagram is an essentially mobile-friendly app.

A mobile phone is an awesome device that helps you to:

  • Stay connected with your friends and groups when you are out and about
  • Surf the internet while commuting to your office or
  • Check the balance in your account while waiting in line at the bank.

However, sometimes you may feel that it would have been very nice and helpful if you just had a bigger screen to edit your photos or to organize your Instagram business marketing.

Though primarily mobile, Instagram even has some useful functions for your desktop as well. You can view your Instagram feed and you can even like and comment on the photos. However, the problem is that you cannot post anything using your desktop or even photos, and comments to respond! Eric Dalius.

That means you will be sent back to your good old mobile even when you use a desktop for posting photos on your Instagram account. This can be a real issue that will prevent you from posting fast and at the right time.

Resolving the small screen issue

However, this issue can be easily resolved when you use one of these three easy Instagramming on the big screen of your desktop, using the full keyboard.

  • Iconosquare: This app will be always helpful as it will not only allow you to view your Instagram on your desktop but it will also allow you to comment, like, and follow an account as well.
  • Ink361: This is s stylish big-screen Instagram viewer. This is attractive and highly functional. This app will make it easy for you to use the Instagram platform on your desktop as it will allow you to scan quickly all through your feed. In addition to that, it will also help you to like and comment on the photos of other peoples’ accounts. It will also let you track statistics about your Instagram account, engagement rates, follower rates, like the most-liked photos, and comments-per-post rates. Apart from that, it will help in searching for hashtags and users along with providing relevant tags as well. With the help of this app, you can make albums so that you can organize most of your photos in a lot easier way.
  • Webstagram: This is much similar app to Ink361. This tool will help you to keep track of your Instagram account from your desktop. At the same time, it will also let you organize your Instagram feed one by one and creating a list or in a grid format for fast commenting.

With these tools coming in handy you will be able to use your desktop just as the way you would use your mobile for easy Instagramming and fast responding to the comments or track the number of likes received by your account. In short, these tools will actually Blastup your Instagramming efforts and your business marketing objective.

The time issues

In order to gain maximum exposure on social media, you will not only have to post on a regular basis on Instagram but across all other available social media platforms. However, just like all other marketers you too may find this to be a very time-consuming matter, and time is what you do not have aplenty in your hand.

True, as of now there is no magic wand available that will make your Instagram post appear instantly and simultaneously across all other social media networks. That means you will need to go in manually to your Instagram account and use the ‘Share’ buttons for that matter. This is not only time-consuming but is a tedious job as well.

However, if you want to get all these done automatically within a short period of time then you can use the wizardry IFTTT which stands of “IF This Then That”. It will do all this for you and save a lot of time for you. Being a busy business owner, every second saved is really worth it.

  • IFTTT is actually the secret short cut for maximum efficiency
  • It is an amazing app for time-saving recipes that will add shortcuts to your daily schedule and
  • It can do a lot of things for Instagram posting.

You can basically set up any ‘recipe’ if you want something to happen at the time when you are busy doing something else. The working principle of this tool is pretty simple. For example, if you are working on Instagram and want something to be shared on other social media channels, say Twitter, all you have to do is craft a recipe that will look like:

“If [I post a photo to Instagram] then [share that photo on Twitter]” and so forth. This will inevitably save a lot of time and eliminate the time-consuming issue, once and for all.

Ending with the benefits

Apart from that fact that your time-consuming technical tasks will be done for you by this app automatically, use of proper tools will also enable you to work from your mobile phone. And if you do not want to stress your fingers maneuvering the small touchpad keyboard of your mobile you can also use specific tools that will enable you to see, like. Comment and post your photos from your big-screen desktop.

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