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Edward Scissorhands Transformation Tutorial with Special Guest Poster!!!!!!

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Halloween is on FRIDAY!!!! I am so excited!! I absolutely love Halloween. During this time of year my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are all flooded with pictures of spooky transformations. I have never acually tried myself to do a full makeup transformation. I seem to stick to classic forms of makeup. It is completley out of my comfort zone. So maybe I will try, I am working on steping out of my comfort zones. That is a whole post on it's very own. Ha Ha. 

Okay back to Halloween Transformations. I would estamate that 70% of my personal friends are makeup artists as well, so is the life. My friend Elise is in a ball park all her own when it comes to talent. She can make just about anything. Her imagination is something that I marvel at. To think outside of the box as she does is such a blessing in my mind. Creative beyond belief. So when I she started posting some really frightning makeup looks, I really wanted her to be a guest poster. So I reached out to her and she said YES!!! 

She is Hope's Beauty Bars very first guest poster and I am so excited to have her share her creativity with us. Please like and share this post within the post to show how much you Love Miss Elise!!!!!!!


Hi, my name is Elise Bigley, and I have been a professional makeup artist for 14 years, or if you consider buying $0.99 drug store makeup and applying it to all the neighborhood children the beginning of my career, then we are looking at upwards of 25 years. 

I've always had a passion for anything shimmer, glimmer and glossy, and strive to create amazing transformations.

My career has brought me everywhere from department store makeup lines, to runways, photo shoots, and on the set of feature films.
Please "like" and "follow" my Facebook page: Lips N Lashes and check out my YouTube tutorials: Love me lips n lashes.

Elise Before


      Elise as Edward Scissorhands

To create the "Edward Scissorhands" look, you want to first start with a clean face. Since he has hardly any eyebrows and a sad/concerned look on his face.

1. I start by concealing my own brows. To do this, I put a primer (in this case PrimeTime by Bare Minerals) over my brows. A little goes a long way. This helps keep the concealer and powder set. 

2. Next, I applied foundation (Edward is very pale, but not fake white, like the pancake makeup you can buy at Halloween stores). I used my winter shade of foundation (MAC NC27), mixed with a little Chanel Le Blanc cream. This has a porcelain effect. 

3. Next, I generously added concealer (again, lighter shade) to minimize the appearance of my brows. I added the
foundation to the rest of my face, as well as concealer to my lips. 

4. For eyes, he has deep, nag ridden sad eyes. I used a neutral cool brown to apply pigment to the "bag" under eye portion, and well as all over my lid, and above my concealed brow. 

5. I drew the new brow above my own, and gave a furrowed
effect. It's best to look at a picture of him to draw 
accordingly. I used a liner brush with the same neutral brown to create this.

6. Since Edwards face is quite gaunt, I used this same brown to create an emaciated appearance. I blended all along my hairline, cheekbones, then dropped it down to my corner of the chin (imagine a 90 degree angle, -| from the ear to nose, then straight down) and some along the sides of my nose as well. 

7. Edwards nose is very long and straight, so 
I added a bit of highlighter down the bridge of my nose to create a longer look. 

8. I added just a touch more of the brown to right above my chin/bells my lip to give a pouty effect. 

9. Edward has very pouty sad lips, so I used a liquid liner (black) to fill in just the center of my lips. Once this goes on, the look really begins coming together. 

10. Surprisingly the scars are fairly easy to create I used liquid latex (which is sold at any Halloween store. Same consistency as fake eyelash glue) and squeezed a glob onto a plate. I got a toothpick and coated one side with the latex, then pressed it against my face. This created straight thin lines, to replicate scars. The important ones to include for likeness are the two on his lips, cheek and nose. 
The rest is creative license as to where you want to add them. 

11. Once they dried (takes about ten minutes) I applied concealer over them to look flesh tone, not white. After, I used that same brown shadow and carefully shaded around them to make it look more 3D. 

12. Dust on a little translucent powder, and you're done!!

Love, Elise

Thank you so much to Elise for taking time to write up that awesome tutorial. Be sure to follow her over on Facebook at 
Lips N Lashes and on YouTube at Love Me Lips N Lashes tell her you found her at 

Hope's Beauty Bar so she will want to guest post again soon!!!

Thank you for reading. Send in your pictures of your Halloween costumes. I would love to see them. If I get a few I will pick a best 
costume winner for a fun Halloween Basket!!!

Please take a moment and subscribe, share and like if you have not already. XOXOXO Hope.

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