Edwin Hubble: Expanding Our View of the Universe

In a roundabout way, it is Edwin Hubble we have to thank for the Star Wars franchise.  Without his work, we would not have the concept of a galaxy far, far away.  If you were alive before the 1920s, when you gazed into the night sky, you believed everything in the heavens was a member of the Milky Way.  What we now know to be galaxies were thought to be nebula.


Hubble was born 1889 and received a degree in mathematics and astronomy in 1910.  The stars were a lifelong passion for Hubble, but the path to his ideal career was not a straightforward one.


Hubble’s father didn’t approve of a profession in astronomy, so Hubble earned a law degree.  He only practiced law for one year before going into teaching.  At New Albany High School in Indiana, he taught Spanish, physics and mathematics.


"To our beloved teacher of Spanish and Physics,” the school yearbook said, “who has been a loyal friend to us in our senior year, ever willing to cheer and help us both in school and on the field, we, the class of 1914, lovingly dedicate this book."


Again, Hubble only stayed in his position for one year.  His passion was calling, and he returned to school for his PhD.

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