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Effective Ways to Clear Clutter in the Bathroom

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it’s also the most prone to clutter. It’s so easy to give in to the temptation of just letting things lie around unorganized, especially when you’re always rushing. So it often comes as no surprise when, at the end of the day, you end up with a stockpile of towels, handsoap, toddler toys, toiletries, and the list goes on as a nagging mess that demands attending to.

Fortunately, cleaning up clutter is a paved path, and there are proven tips and tricks you can apply to keep your bathroom clutter in check. Live your days clutter-free with these zero-drama bathroom-organization hacks.

Tip 1: Audit Your Stuff

If your bathroom is in haywire, chances are, you’re probably keeping more than you should. So if you want to declutter, start with a purge. Audit your stuff and see which ones need to be kept and which ones need to go.

The best way to do this is to take everything and lay them out somewhere where you can properly inspect everything piece by piece. See whether the contents are still full or there’s barely enough for another use. Check expiry dates, signs of rust, or stuff that you may have used eons ago and just forgot to throw out.

Here’s a quick list of all the things you’d have to part with on your bathroom decluttering project:

  • Bath essentials that have less than a single use left
  • Expired makeup and medications
  • Rusty razors and blades
  • Old makeup and toothbrushes
  • Styling products that you honestly don’t plan to use anytime soon
  • Product samples
  • One-time-use products
  • Moldy toys

You may feel a little guilt over some things that you need to ditch, but the temporary attachment will go away once you see how much your space has transformed with all the fillers gone.

Tip 2: Designate a Space for Everything

Now that you’ve successfully pared down your stuff, the next step is to identify where you will be storing them. Naturally, it makes sense to store the things you often use where they can easily be accessed, such as on the countertop. Given that that location is already prone to clutter, you can use a tray or even a dollar-store cake stand to keep your essentials organized.

For tissue rolls, soap, and other bathroom supplies that you rarely reach for, assign a less prime location. Store them on your cabinets, for example, or on the upper shelves.

The medicine cabinet may be one of the most confusing parts of your bathroom storage. And if there are several members of the family using the same bathroom, the whole affair can be a whole lot more frustrating.

The best way to avoid headaches when looking for prescription medications is to simply label them. Keep a box or a plastic container for each member of the household, and place the appropriate medications in each designated box so they can easily be found.

If you have drawers to spare, it’s also a great idea to use them to designate items per household member. Assign a drawer for each individual while keeping a communal drawer for everyone’s use. This way, everyone is held responsible for keeping the bathroom clutter in check.

You may also opt for storage caddies or personal item bags to store your bathroom essentials. This makes it handy to carry everything around the bathroom or just grab them on the go whenever you need to pack for travel.

Tip 3: Maximize Your Storage Spaces

Having a generous storage space is key when it comes to keeping a clean bathroom. If you limited cabinet space, cleverly stacking your bath items to make room for more articles is a big help. If you don’t have any left, you may want to consider adding or adjusting some shelves in your setup.

Changing the whole orientation of your setup works if you’re really serious about getting more space out of your bathroom. Moving your toilet, for example, requires additional installation costs, so if you ever think of doing so, opt for efficient toilet replacements like a macerating toilet. They are ergonomically designed, come in various styles, and are cheaper than traditional toilets to set up.

You can also take advantage of that space behind the toilet to store more of your bathroom items. Visit your local home depot for an over-the-toilet storage cabinet.

Tip 4: Use That Extra Space behind the Door

Have you exhausted all available vertical spaces in the bathroom but still needed more storage space? Why not use that extra surface area behind the door? You can opt to install a rack where you can store bottles of shampoo, lotion, and other toiletries or a hanging rail for your towels. You can also designate personal caddies for each family member and hook the caddies to these rails.

In fact, you can apply this trick all around the house. Here are some awesome, clever ideas.

Tip 5: Have Your Own Inventory Rules

Enforcing your own bathroom rules can help reduce clutter and maintain a clean bathroom environment without the need for a frequent cleanup. For example, you can make it a rule to not buy a bottle of lotion yet before you use the one you are currently using. Or if you’re afraid of running out on the spot and not having at least one replacement, see to it to buy only when there are at least two more uses left.

Keep track of prescription expiry dates, and be sure to get rid of the outdated items before you stock up on new ones.

And to make cleaning up faster, have your cleaning supplies stored somewhere in your bathroom so you can simply pull them out whenever there’s a mess that needs to be cleared pronto.

Final Word

Most people spend ample time in the bathroom in the morning. Seeing mess and a display of clutter can easily ruin your day. All the tips mentioned above are sound clutter cleanup advice that you should try to incorporate into your bathroom cleanup routine, so make an extra effort to keep your bathroom environment pleasant and worthy of spending your time in.

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Comment by Shantell on January 22, 2019 at 7:39pm

These are great tips! I am guilty of stock piling stuff. So taking inventory will really help. I have a drawer in my bathroom that has turned into a catch all. I know if I start their I will make progress.

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