Embracing the Tech World: 3 Ways the Online World Benefits the Family Life

As a family, you may sometimes feel like you’re spending too much time on electronic devices, like cellphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and so on. Your kids might even roll their eyes when you ask them to put away their cellphones at dinner. But there’s no doubt that even technology can make us obsessed with our devices, it helped us in many other ways, especially families reconnect from all over the world. 

The internet, generally, has many options now that did not exist a decade ago. For example, Facebook, Skype, and FaceTime allowed all of us to be in touch with anyone at any time. A survey conducted in 2012 by AARP and Microsoft reported that people of all ages use online communication and social media to connect with their families and friends. The same report showed other key evidence regarding the online communication:

  • 83% of the people in that survey with ages ranging from 13-75 years old considered online to be a cooperative form of communication amongst families
  • Teenagers agreed that the laptop or computer increases the quantity and quality of communicating with family members living overseas 
  • 30% of grandparents use the online world to better understand their grandchildren 

For as much as a couple of decades, Americans have used computers and mobile phones as tools for work. But technology increased significantly, and it is now playing an important role in helping people of all ages communicate with each other. It is vital to enhance communication across all generations, and technology seems to do a pretty good job at improving the quality of life for people across the world. 

Technology has also brought benefits in many other areas of families, like education, work, and child development. So, take a closer look at some of the ways technology impacted families.

  1. Communication

Technology made it easier for families to stay connected, despite their chaotic schedules that include work, children’s school activities, shopping, and so on. Children and parents can check with each other daily with just a quick call or text message. Parents agreed on the fact that now, they’ve got more peace of mind when it comes to checking up on their kids at all times. Children can also reach their parents or the police quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Most families have decided to introduce technology in their lives, to strengthen and maintain bonds with other family members, or relatives that might live far away. Family members can keep in touch with each other through various online networks. Some families even decided to create a social media account where they can share family pictures and other family important events. Technology can make so many things possible, like helping individuals with special needs be able to speak, hear, see, or move. 

When it comes to shopping for electronics, not all people can agree on the prices. The truth is that electronic devices can cost up to several thousands of dollars. So, someone thought to make our lives easier and create Shop Now and Pay Later sites. Visit the website, buy now, and pay later – it’s just that simple. You can choose to shop brand name TVs, laptops, electronics, and even furniture, and you’ll pay no deposit. Also, people with bad credit can have the approval to shop from the website. 

  1. Education

Technology has made it easier for all of us to get access to a vast amount of information, any time of the day or night. Not too long ago, our parents would have to buy the newspaper to be updated with world events. Or, shall we remember how many hours we’ve spent in the school library to look through stacks of books? Luckily, digital technology came into our lives, and thus, virtual libraries occurred. Nowadays, so many apps give us access to instant information, without needing to leave our homes. 

Educational technology is becoming more popular than ever nowadays. Students are now able to take online courses, thanks to technology. They’re now able to upload their essays and homework and interact with students and teachers through chat and online forums. Online education has also made it easier for some students to receive private attention from teachers, and for parents who want to track, they’re children’s academic progress. Also, online learning has helped a lot of parents to pursue college degrees, while working from home. 

We live in a digital world, with ever-changing aspects of the traditional education. Teachers are also able to use laptops and computers to make lessons more enjoyable and interactive for students. 

  1. Entertainment 

Last, but not least, technology provides families with endless entertainment options. Choosing our favorite music, TV shows, movies, and games, everything is available at just a fingertip through online streaming services or smartphone apps. The selection is vast and can help so many families reconnect again. As a parent, you can now bond with your teens over a good movie or a game, and remember all the good times from when you were little. 

But not all people are major technology experts, so they might feel a bit unsecure and intimidated when using one of the gadgets. To make it easier for you to enjoy technology, simply spend more time with your kids. Try using their tablets, or laptops, and look for the games that you feel like you can control and enjoy. 

Convince your children to play more often. For example, schedule a family meeting every Sunday, and surround everyone with games. Most parents tend to see the negative aspects of technology. Of course, there are specific risks involved when it comes to technology. The online world shouldn’t be accessed by too young children without parental control. As such, try to educate your children and guide them to a safer online world. 

By understanding technology and how engaging and helpful can be for your family, you can enjoy all the advantages that digital life has to offer us. 

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