Husband and MiR (Mom in Rome) in bed right before sleeping.

Husband" Did you realize that  baby Giulia will be born on June 16, the same day as Massimo?"

For those few ladies who haven't been reached by Massimo's fame (weird thing by the way), I must explain that not only he's one of Husband's best friends....but more than that, he's the most active Italian Latin Lover that the planet Earth has known since the Rodolfo Valentino times.

In other words Massimo would try to hook up with any breathing female living being (Yes. Right. I didn't say human being) within a distance of 10 square miles from him.

- Dogs and cats are welcome too, in order for him to make some know? Just in case -


MiR: "That Massimo who changes his girlfriends like his socks, and the younger they are the better?"



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