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Enjoy the Good Laughter That Memes Have to Offer

If you have not seen the ‘Ask a Ninja’ meme you have most likely come across Lolcats. With over 2 billion people using the Internet it was only a matter of time before someone discovered a way to get the most fun out of the platform. Memes are poised to be the future of online fun in a big way.

Memes Explained

Memes are virally generated images or videos shared by internet users with some form of creativity. Basically you can create a meme out of an original image or edit the caption of a popular meme to pass on the fun.

At a glance you might ignore this as just a fad but sociologists had already explained this phenomenon of sharing cultural information before the Internet. Today this information is mostly for fun and is passed over the Internet for your enjoyment.

Money Meets Laughter

If you are wondering why memes are creating a buzz yet they look so ordinary consider some of the numbers around them. For instance the ‘I Can Has Cheezeburger?’ meme by Eric Nakagawa is worth more than $2 million.  

What’s more the Rachel Black who released that song you hate a lot has earned $1.4 million and a lot of spotlight as an artist. In essence this is a cool way of getting yourself noticed while having immense fun at the same time.

Laughter Comes Easy

Memes are all about laughter and even if you are communicating a somber message it has to integrate some comedy. In short your meme is only as good as the mirth it is able to generate. To appreciate how these creations can lighten up your gloomy day you need to check funny memes here.

These creations are just addictive and the fact that you can create them within seconds makes them awesome. Forget the e-mail joke forwards because with a meme you will generate instant laughter in the office.

This is an ideal way of making fun at yourself or situations that would otherwise torment your mind. More importantly this funny way of modern communication offers a credible form of expression and interaction.

Creating Memes

Are you feeling blue? You need to cheer up because in a few easy steps you will be on the floor laughing. Here is how to get the most out of this internet phenomenon:

  • Get a good meme generator: There are hundreds of pages out there but you need to ask for referrals to get one that offers the best memes.  Look for a generator that has a wide range of memes and funny pictures to lighten up your day.
  • Create and share: You can upload images from your device or use the ones available on the meme generator website and easily create memorable memes. You just need some creativity when coming up with your captions to make sure it is shared by your friends. You can post your memes on popular social sites including Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook among others.

While at it, make sure you have fun: Memes are all about fun so try out as many memes as possible to get an idea of what really tickles people. The more you learn the better your memes will become.

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