Essential Things To Do To Stay Safe At The Beach

The beach is a magical place. There is something special about the waves crashing onto the shore, the sand beneath your feet, and the constant chatter of happy people, relaxing. 

However, while it is a great place to visit, there are a number of dangers at the beach. It’s important to understand what they are and how to stay safe at the beach.

Swim Between The Flags

When you head to the beach you’ll find there are flags flying. If you don’t see a flag then you shouldn’t go swimming. Equally, if you see a red flag it’s telling you that the beach is closed and you should not go in the water. 

In short, there are likely to be rips and other dangerous currents. If you enter the water you could be swept out to sea. 

The best way to stay safe at the beach is to head for where the red and yellow flags are. Between these flags is considered the safe zone. This is where you can swim and you’ll be watched by a qualified surf lifesaver. 

It should be noted that the Surf Life Saving Foundation operates entirely on donations. It’s a good idea to show your appreciation by getting involved in some community fundraising.

Never Go In The Water By Yourself

No matter how good a swimmer you are you can get into trouble in the water. It’s impossible to know what could happen. That means, if you’re at the beach and fancy a swim, find someone to go in with you or stay near other swimmers. Being by yourself increases the chances of you not being seen if you get into difficulties. 

Keep An Eye On Children

Children should never be allowed in the water without an adult present. It doesn’t matter whether they are swimming, playing, or even lying on an inflatable. You need to be with them in the water to keep them safe. Bering on the beach is simply too far away if they get into any trouble. 

This also applies to when they are on the beach, always keep your children in your line of sight.

Use Sun Cream

People often forget how powerful the sun is, especially at the beach where there can be a nice cooling breeze. Unfortunately, regardless of the breeze, you can still get sunburn. Make sure you have protective cream on and top it up regularly. 

Drink Plenty

Being on the beach for any length of time means you’re likely to get hot and sweat. It’s important to replace any moisture lost by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. That’s all it takes to stay hydrated and enjoy your day. 

Know Your Beach

If you’re heading to the beach take the time to pause and read the signs at the entrance. These will give you valuable information regarding the state of the beach and the sea. It can help you to stay safe while there. 

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