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Being a mom is wonderful

Being pregnant for the first time is amazing. All the little wonders that happen, the first outside kick, hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time and every time at the appointments. Having those late-night cravings, knowing that a little wonder is growing. But what no one prepares any mom for what happens after the delivery. Looking down at the little face looking back up, and all the love in the world is right there in one little person.

After a nine-month marathon, the real marathon begins

The joys of motherhood begin with lots of crying, not just the baby's but moms too. It can be stressful, getting up to feed the baby, change baby, get baby ready, try to figure what is wrong when the crying doesn't stop, the worry that something is wrong. When everything is thought to be figured out, then everything changes. The sleepless nights, terrible twos, thunderous threes and yet they keep growing, and need their mom.

Being a mom with a car seat means no more sports cars for a while, say hello to the sedan. It is practical for getting car seats in and out of the car, especially since it has four doors. If a sports car is all there is to keeping the spark, there is sporty ones. After the car is figured out, now it is time to manage work. If a mom gets to stay at home, it is a blessing and a curse. Working from home with a tiny demanding human can be very tiring and emotional.

Working moms have it going on and then some

Working moms need a metal for they are juggling being a mom and earning an income. Being able to juggle all this and still make dinner is just astounding. Nothing ever goes as planned being a working mom. There are chores that need to be done, food needs to be prepared, giving out love for free, lots of love and to top it off at work at least eight hours a day, to come home to the real job motherhood.

They have said that motherhood is a job itself, and it really is. But in today's world it takes two to raise one. Being a working or stay at home mom takes patience, love, support and faith. There is more to being a mom than just loving a child, there are many hats to wear, nurse, counselor, boo-boo kisser, teacher, advisor, wrangler and full time hug giver.

Mom the superhero for life

The challenges will be great, making it through the teething, know it all stage, noise, tantrums, teenage years, emotions, trying to lose the baby weight, laundry and the physical and emotional demands to keep it together every day. One day the nest will be empty, and it will be a sad day. No more teenagers, tantrums, noise of laughing kids just silence. Embrace the superhero, because a mom is a superhero every single day.

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