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Howdy Doo all,

As of late there has been much excitement in the Bevan household, as most of you have already gathered Aidan can now officially be classified as a toddler as he started
walking not so long ago! I'm pleased and slightly nervous to announce
that he has mastered that in virtually no time at all, well that and
walking BACKWARDS??

How is it that you have only been walking a month(walking properly for approx. 2 weeks) and you can walk BACKWARDS with ease?!? what did i miss here?

Anyways that isn't the only thing that has been keeping us busy and entertained, Aidan now plays round and round the garden with you, he circles your hand with his
finger and does the one step, two step but waits for you to tickle him…
sometimes he doesn't even wait to circle round your hand he just hops to
the one step, two step, so he can be tickled… Funny little guy!

We are also getting into the whole soccer spirit with Aidan blowing his vuvuzela loud and proud, he really loves ANYTHING that makes a noise!
typical boy! he is so cute because he cant make the proper sound like
when we blow it so he purses the mouthpiece to his lips and goes
wooooooo woooooooo, and well there you have it a 16 month old playing a
vuvuzela( gotta tell you i prefer when he plays it then when adults play

Talking about soccer, Candice, Ryan, Andrew and i all went to the Durbs Fan Park on Saturday the 26th June for the Uruguay VS South Korea match, it was a total ball! we made a whole afternoon/evening of it, and
the atmosphere was electrifying… not overly crowded, no drunken idiots
running around and wait for it, no excessive vuvuzela noise (people
reserved that for goals) which was such fun! Heck i even won a vuvuzela
from the coke tent for doing a crazy corner goal dance, it was such an
experience (well right up until i dropped my whole cup of cappuccino all
over myself, with Candice and Ryan getting sprayed in the process…) i
mean yeah it was HOT but i didn't really notice my leg burning because i
was too busy laughing at how stupid it all was, i don't even know how
it happened, one minute the coffee was making its way to my mouth, and
the next it was all over me… ha ha reminds me of the MiWay advert… ‘It
just jumped in front of me!’ all this without our little angels-
although we did miss them terribly, only to fetch the two kids and find
that they were perfectly happy without us… must be the grandparent

Anyway after such a good time we are so going to the Fan Park for the Finals!!!

i was also in a state of fantasmagorical excitedment as Aidan’s huggalugs were finally going to be arriving, for those of you who dont know me , lets just say i have excitement issues… i bounce, now when i
say that i bounce, i REALLY BOUNCE when i get excited, strange- i know
but what can i do? so with the huggalugs in the mail what else is there
left for me to do , but get myself a free spoon for aidan from Vital
Baby( they are the same people that his sippy cup and straw cup are
from, and they are fabulous, its a bendy one!

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

Huggalugs( basically Leg/arm warmers for babies and kids up to 6)

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

IMG_0356 Vital Baby Spoon

IMG_0357 And it bends…

Well time to sign off….

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