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For the girls looking for exterminators in Lancaster PA, I would like to recommend Dominion Pest Control. I have found that no other exterminator or pest control company in Lancaster PA has the same commitment to their customers as they do.

One thing that has lead me to believe this is their passion to educate the public about what they do and how they do it. In addition to serving in WGAL's Local Pros Who program in 2007, as exterminators in Lancaster PA they are the only local company to let cameras follow them into the incredibly tough situations they get into. Dominators, their pest control reality show, was featured in Lancaster Newspapers two-page story entitled Total Domination of Reality TV.

Another thing that impresses me is the quality of exterminators that serve on their team. No technician that they employ at the time of this post has less then 13 years experience, the average being 15 years. This is unheard of. They recently added a veteran female technician, being one of the only exterminators in Lancaster to have a woman servicing accounts, not just answering the phones. Janice Strasbaugh, who has the most experience on their team, comes with almost two decades of experience. To see her, go to her exterminator Lancaster PA page.

Another item that makes me feel that Dominion Pest Control has the most qualified local exterminators in Lancaster is that no other company is as aggressive about taking on stink bugs in our area. I am being told that several of the national exterminators in our area refuse to treat stink bugs. This is one pest that Dominion has spent a lot of time and energy learning about, and it has shown. Both Lancaster Newspapers and York Daily Record featured Dominion Pest Control on the front page for being so aggressive about getting rid of stink bugs.You may see Lancaster Newspapers accompanying video story here: Residents Raise Stink Over Bugs.

The last reason that I suggest Dominion as the best local Lancaster BBB exterminator is because of their no-pressure sales. They believe that if they simply educate area residents about their termite, stink bug, ant or other pest needing exterminated, folks can see for themselves the level of commitment to educate that they offer and make the decision to hire them as their exterminator in Lancaster without any pressure.

I would encourage anyone looking for exterminators in Lancaster PA to visit the links above and take the time to educate themselves before just going through the phone book and price shopping. I don't know about you, but when I have someone in my home, I want to make sure they know what they are talking about, especially if they are going to apply any pesticide in or around my quarters!

About this blog: Maria's resume includes serving as PR director for Lancaster County Visitors Bureau, and the oldest advertising agency in Lancaster. She also served as the office manager for a local masonry business, proofreader for Engle Publishing, and has been in children's ministry for almost 30 years, many of those years serving as a director or pastor.

Maria DiBattista and her husband Gregory.

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