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I had this really good friend in high school. We even lived together for awhile. We were really close, I thought.

After I became pregnant things slowly changed. My biggest priority was having a healthy baby. I lost a lot of friends who still wanted to be kids themselves and party it up... nothing wrong with that at all.

I tried many times over the years to re-connect with this one really good friend. I'd bump into her thoughout the years and pass along my contact info. There was never any response.

I always made excuses like, maybe she accidently lost my info. So the very last time I saw her (at a funeral) I gave her my cell number, once again. This time she entered it into her phone as I gave it to her. That was a few years ago and contact.

After being off FaceBook for five months or so, I login to find a friend request from her. So now what?

I'm so confused. I would really like to build that friendship but something just doesn't feel right. Why couldn't she do this YEARS ago? Even if she did lose my number she still knows where I work (public school). So why not call or stop by?

Nope, no response from her at all.

I just don't know if I can open that door to trust again.

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