We all know the warm feeling we get when winter is approaching. While it’s true that the fall and winter seasons mean that you no longer enjoy comfortable outfits and the warm weather, it’s still an excellent moment to adopt a cool overall style and adapt your makeup rules to the colors outside. 

The beauty industry has a long history among women, but not that much is known about what is going on behind closed doors. It’s true that today’s technological advancements are shaping this category as well, but if you are interested in knowing more about beauty in general, you should definitely keep up with the trends, the main publications, and of course, try out various solutions yourself.

With this being said, it’s still a very good idea to follow a few tips and tricks in order to have a dreamy and smooth look during the fall and winter seasons. After all, it’s the time where you can hide under sweaters but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize them and wear cool-looking makeup to enhance your natural beauty and feel great in the process. 

Besides the wardrobe and makeup, your skin routine needs to make a transition for the significantly colder weather as well. There are multiple articles on how you can get this done, but keep in mind that keeping your skin moisturized should be your everyday mantra. 

Choosing the right lipstick color 

Given the beautiful colors the fall season brings, the best way to adapt your look and stand out is by playing up the color of your lips. Of course, finding the right color depends on many other factors as well, such as the color of your skin, but you should try to go for burgundy or plum shades of lipstick, as these mirror nature’s multitude of fall tones. 

The look might seem a bit vampy for some, but you should never underestimate how stunning powerful colors can look, especially on pale skin. You can (and should) always go for the “less is more” approach and tone down the eyes makeup, thus allowing your lips to go all powerful with burgundy tones. 

For the eyes, a little eyeliner and mascara should be more than enough. There are some lipstick shades you should steer clear of during the cold season as well. According to experienced makeup artists and beauty experts, you shouldn’t wear pink or coral lipstick once the weather transitions toward fall and winter. And speaking of pink, you might also want to choose this color for your hamster’s cage, just as this website recommends.

Women generally love wearing red lipstick, especially around the holidays, given that it’s so festive and it just goes well with the lovely Christmas decorations around the home and the city. However, keep in mind that you should stick to either classic or dark tones, and avoid pink or coral undertones, as these are best suited for warm weather. 

Nail polish & blush 

Having perfect nails is something that usually puts us in a better mood, but the colors you choose need to be adapted to the weather outside. During the spring and summer season, you can easily go for happy-looking bright and even fluorescent colors that can complement any beach outfit. However, these are quite serious faux-pas when it comes to winter. 

During the cold seasons, darker or nude tones should be applied. You can safely go for blacks, grays, cherry reds, dark reds, or even sparkly silvers and golds. These will go great with your accessories and long-sleeved blouses, given that nail polish is much more than makeup and it’s a great accessory. 

Since we’ve mentioned the summer season, you’re probably fondly thinking about the great-looking bronzer that you used throughout your beach holidays to enhance your tan. The bad news is that it should remain closed and safely stored in a drawer or beauty kit throughout the cold season, as it shouldn’t be used any longer. 

As your tan starts to fade, it’s a very good idea to go for colors that go well with paler skin, such as rosy or pink blushes. Having rosy cheeks can add the necessary warmth we need when it’s cold outside, given that it recreates the effect cold weather naturally has on our skin when we return home. 

Eyeliner & eye shadow 

The fall and winter makeup is best sustained by kohl eyeliner. You can either go for a more dramatic cat-eye approach or a smudgier look, but either way, black liner is your friend during cold seasons. As you can only imagine, it looks great on pale skin and it works very well with the darker-colored winter wardrobe. 

In terms of colors, you should stay away from eyeliners that are purple or blue as it might be oftentimes considered high-fashion, and they don’t work well during the fall and winter seasons. It’s true that only using kohl eyeliner can get boring after a while, even though it’s a highly versatile approach so you can get very creative with it. 

However, if that’s the case, you can definitely go for a gold liner. This is both festive and it really brings out your eyes, especially around all of those sparkly winter decorations that you can find around the city. In any case, sticking to charcoal black is an excellent way to approach the fall and winter makeup, provided that it also goes well with the dark lipstick you are probably wearing as well. 

In terms of eye shadow, things are a bit different, given that the tones you should go for are copper and gold. Of course, these mirror the darker colors of winter outfits and they can also work very well for both day and evening looks. Plus, they are conveniently sparkly and festive, ensuring that smoldering shimmer which makes your look irresistible. 

However, if you are not a fan of metallic shades, you can always go for taupe, deep purple, and gray shades, as these are all beautiful options that go well with your overall look. Neon palettes and rainbow-colored eyelids are to be avoided as well. They will clash with the entire outfit and makeup, and winter is the best time to wear smokey eyes makeup, so why not take advantage of it?

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