Balancing family life with career is known to be often difficult. As a working mom, your free time is probably extremely limited. Trying to keep all areas of your life in check can sometimes prevent you from giving your physical appearance as much thought you used to in the past. Although you are a professional and a mother, that does not mean you shouldn’t be a fashionable woman as well. If you are like the majority of women out there, clothes and style are probably topics that interest you, and although numerous responsibilities and lack of time might have determined you to neglect these aspects lately, making a change is always welcomed. Dressing in a stylish and appropriate way can give you the confidence you need to conquer your responsibilities, and looking your best on the regular is certainly something that any mother would desire. So, if you are a working mom, the following tips could help you out in the fashion department:


Shop online

One of the reasons mothers have it difficult keeping their outfits on point is because they do not have the time to go shopping for new clothes. Without some new elements in your wardrobe, you will not be able to put together office appropriate looks, and your image will never be as stylish as you might want it. Well, luckily, nowadays, you no longer have to go at the mall and start searching for shop to shop for the right items, because the online clothing market has everything you need. With just a simple search on the web, you will come across a virtually endless variety of shops that include an impressive range of brands. All you have to do is select the items that suit your personal style and your profession best, add them to cart and complete the transaction in a few seconds. Your clothes will be delivered to you at your front door- so it couldn’t get more convenient than that. Whether you are preparing dinner, you’re on your lunch break or you are putting your toddler to sleep, you can check out the latest trends and buy some lovely clothes regardless of time and place. This will allow you to keep your outfits trendy and in style without worrying about time wasted shopping.

Purchase clothing items that don’t need to be ironed

Walking out the door without looking in the mirror and noticing later during that day that your blouse is wrinkled will certainly make you feel a bit embarrassed. Because you need to keep your look professional, your clothes should never be wrinkled or torn. To simplify things for you, and to not waste time ironing – which can be quite an unpleasant task – simply purchase items that do not require being ironed. There are certain fabrics that can be taken out of the dryer and put on without any further worries. Save yourself from unpleasant situations, and choose this convenient choice instead.

Save an outfit with the right pair of shoes!

Perhaps you don’t always have the patience nor the time necessary o put together complex outfits, but at the same time, you don’t want to look any less stylish when you are going to work. Well, the perfect solution to save what would normally be a dull outfit is by adding the right pair of shoes. Invest in footwear that make a statement on their own, and these elements will instantly spark your entire attire. A simple blazer and a pencil skirt might not make an outfit that wows, but add a pair of electric blue stilettos to your assemble, and your look will be a fashion worthy one. Add to your collection the right shoes, and things will be much easier for you in the fashion department. However, when you are buying them, make sure to have in mind comfort as well – because you probably don’t want to work and run errands in footwear that is constantly causing you discomfort.

When in doubt go all black   

A rule that you should go by, when it comes to your outfits, is that black combos are usually a safe go-to option. Whenever you are running out of time and need to leave for work, instead of walking out the door looking like a fashion disaster, due to a bad choice of colour or pattern mixes, choose an all-black alternative. With an all-black outfit, even if the items might not usually make the best of combinations, you will still manage looking presentable and office-appropriate. So next time you are buying clothes, focus on getting as many black elements as possible, starting from skirts and dresses to blazers and pants, which are versatile and easy to accessorize.

Don’t forget about accessories!

You might easily be tempted to put on a dress, or a pair a pants and a blouse and leave the house, but for any stylish and fashion-forward outfit, accessories play an essential role. Regardless of who expensive your jacket might be or how cute your dress might look like, without accessories, your entire ensemble will seem incomplete. From scarves and hats to belts and jewellery, you should accessorize each one of your outfits. You can easily wear the same outfit you did a few days ago to the office, if you jazz it up with different accessories - and nobody will notice. Having the right elements of this kind at your disposal can save quite a lot of your outfit combos, so next time you are putting clothes on, don’t forget to add a cute necklace, a pair of earrings or a scarf.

Being a mom with a full-time job can be challenging, and you might not have that much time left to yourself, but that does not mean you should leave your love for fashion and style behind. In order to not make any mistakes and to actually dress in a way that shows you are successful professional, knowing a few tips on the subject can make a difference. Take into account these few guidelines, and let your impeccable appearance show the confident woman you are. 

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