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These Father’s Day gift ideas are brought to you by GGAB, aka the Gift Giving Advisory Board’s in our Second Annual Sponsored Father’s Day Gift Guide. Enjoy this novel selection from independent creative businesses that excel at delighting us with their ingenious new products. 

To a child, the father is the one who has all the answers and is fun to play with. He’s the one that keeps them safe. Quite simply, dads are super-heroes. And let us not forget that dads make moms happy and if mom is happy then the kids are happy. So, how do we thank the man who brings stability and love into a happy family? Check out our very exclusive gifts in this guide that definitely say, “Thank you for holding my hand as you guide me through life.”

Fusion Brands Grill Comb

Fusionbrands® GrillComb™

Give Dad something so stylish this Father’s Day he’ll get all fired up! With multiple stainless steel teeth, the GrillComb is designed to easily slide food on teeth and keep in place. Dad can flip like a pro. Receive 15% off GrillComb from Fusionbrands. Code: DADGC. Shop here.

LifeTrak Core C200

LifeTrak Core C200

Give Dad the gift of healthy living. The LifeTrak Core C200 automatically tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and heart rate. Your data displays right on your wrist for easy viewing. Reversible bands keep you in style. Buy here. #GetMoving!


Le Nez du Vin

Wine Aromas

For the father who dreams of becoming a wine aficionado‎ or who simply enjoys his wine… Give the Gift of Wine Exploration and Sensation. Le Nez du Vin is always the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover. Handmade in France. Buy from


Table Topics for Fathers Day

Table Topics for the Hero Dad!

Heroes conversation starters make the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. He’ll love being able to pick it up and stretch his brain instead of flipping through the television channels. Get it here.


Eco-Stylin’ Dad

How about an upcycled tee shirt for dad? With an $18 price tag, you can choose several colors of these soft, eco-friendly shirts for summer. Buy them here.

Stone Drink Dispenser

Stone Drink Dispenser

Each handcrafted one-of-a kind dispenser made of stone collected off the coast of New Hampshire. The  stone helps maintain your beverage’s temperature and at the same time look fab on any counter. Buy on Amazon.


Trashy Diva

Trashy Diva

Surprise the man in your life with classically sexy lingerie this Father’s Day! Shop retro and vintage inspired lingerie styles at Trashy Diva. (Hint: your husband will love a Mad Men style backseam stocking and garter belt!) Shop now!

FishFace lure_tee

Funny Shirts Caught Daily

Fish Face is a quality line of originally designed clothing for the active man in your life. Our clever, fun graphics are printed on t-shirts, caps, long sleeve tees and hoodies. These nutty designs are sure to put a smile on any man’s face! Shop here. 




Boxxle is a new 3-liter Premium Box Wine Dispenser for the home or bar. Wine is dispensed above the glass, with no lifting or bringing to the edge of a counter, and Boxxle gets out most all the wine (so no squeezing the bag). Enjoy your wine in style. Use 10% off Promo Code: 10THX0513.  Shop here.

Red Cup

Red Cup Living

DELIGHT YOUR DAD with reusable red cups from Red Cup Living! Just like America’s favorite red party cup but ours are reusable, sturdy and dishwasher safe. Perfect for tailgating, BBQs, boating, pool parties or anytime! It’s not just a cup.It’s a lifestyle. ™ Use code FDGIFT receive 10% off here!



And if you need further inspiration check out last year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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