Fighting the Chronic Illness of CFS / ME with Vegetable Juicing

It's Julies chief carer here , her hubby Pete, having read her latest contribution to the site regarding " Candida " I have realised I haven't been doing my job very effectively with relation to my juicing duties. I hadn't realised that all my juicing had been overloaded with fructose which for those of you who have read the latest blog will now know feeds the candida yeast infection.
So I thought I would educate myself in the correct protocol for juicing and pass on this information so other carers don't make the same mistake that I made. To build up and repair the damaged and weakened immune system we must get the maximum amount of minerals and vitamins into the body to speed this process up.
One way to achieve this is through correct cooking procedures which minimises nutrientloss , see " Waterless Cooking " click on the attached link the other way is through juicing, not the way I was previously doing juicing with lots of fresh fruit and very little else other than carrots, but " Vegetable Juicing " let me explain....
Vegetables are highly beneficial for our health and important in the prevention of disease. Juices extracted from raw vegetables are more beneficial because they provide all the tissues and cells of the body with the necessary elements and nutritional enzymes which they require. Juicing works to " pre-digest " the vegetables meaning you get the optimum benefit of quicker absorption of the nutrients and enzymes, ( tip-when drinking swill around the mouth to mix your saliva with the juice, this further speeds absorption.)
Raw vegetables contain enzymes that are easily destroyed by heating. They are made up of delicate micro-nutrients that are altered to their detriment by high heat cooking and many of the benefits are lost. For this reason jarred vegetables and juices pasteurized to improve shelf life are far inferior to freshly juiced vegetables.
The optimum way to juice vegetables
To get the maximum amount of nutrients out of your vegetable juice it's best to juice immediately before you intend to consume it. In reality if a carer is doing the juicing it may be a while before the sufferer is out of bed to drink it, so if you have to prepare and store it keep it in an airtight glass jar out of direct sunlight in order to minimise oxidation of the precious minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
If stored in the refrigerator it's important to leave it out at room temperature for approx 30 minutes before consuming which is optimal for the digestive systems. Consume at least 20 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal to allow easier digestion.
Intense dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, kale, green leaf lettuce, red leaf luttuce should form the bulk of your juice with an occassional carrot thrown in the mix to add a little sweetness. ( tip-if you haven't been diagnosed with having Candida you could add extra carrots ) Some of these juices are very good at detoxification and should therefore only be consumed in small amounts until your system becomes accustomed to them, this should avoid some of the light headiness and lethargy associated with detoxification. Julie can confirm the potency ofthe juice, the first one I made nearly blew her head off lol. Seriously though it did make her very dizzy for a time, but don't let this put you off trying it because the long term benefits should be far greater than the short term symptoms you may or may not experience.
I have included a short list of recommended vegetables best suited for juicing but there are many more to try it's all down to personnel choice. Due to the potency of some of the juices it's best to mix a variety of the following together.
Beetroot Juice
Is very strong and should only be used in small quantities, and is usually mixed with other juices such as celery, cucumber,apple and carrot. It is excellent for purifying the blood and is effective in aiding kidney and liver functions. Good for digestive disorders such as constipation.
Broccoli Juice
Broccoli is well known for it's reputation for fighting cancer as it contains large amounts of anti- oxidants and fibre. Choose only the darkest green,firm to the touch broccoli, don't use if showing signs of yellowing or going soft. The stalk can also be used as it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.
Fennel Juice
Best known as a digestive aid it is also a diuretic and is effective when dealing with bladder and kidney problems. Best of all for CFS /ME sufferers it is a general pick -me-up and combats general tiredness and fatigue. Choose firm bright coloured bulbs and wash thoroughly before use. Fennel mixes well with apples, carrots,pear and celery juice ( tip- remember the fructose and candida so use the fruits sparingly )
Lettuce Juice
It contains a chemical similar to, wait for this, " opium " which acts as a powerful relaxtant to the nervous system. It is known to help with stress, anxiety and insomnia. The darker the lettuce the more nutritional value they have. I shall never look at the humble lettuce in the same light again.
Spinnach Juice
High in iron, more than any other vegetable, good for anaemia, depression,fatigue and one for the ladies PMT. Helps the digestion system and a good internal cleanser. Spinach juice is very strong and like Beetroot juice should be consummed in moderation.
Cabbage Juice
Excellent cleanser of the internal system and is also highly antiseptic, good for constipation and helps to reduce high blood pressure. Cabbage juice should be mixed with other juices such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber, celery and carrot to help reduce it's potency.
Carrot Juice
Excellent tonic for most ailments including the immune system, use sparingly if diagnosed with Candida due to it's natural sugar content. Use only firm organic carrots if possible, if not peel before juicing.
Celery Juice
Well known for it's abilities in easing rheumatic and arthritic pain and inflamation, also good for taking to aid recovery from colds and flu. The potassium in celery helps lower high blood pressure and is effective in strengthing the stomach, kidneys and liver. For CFS/ME sufferers it also aids sleeping problems. Choose only firm stalks that show no signs of wilting, remove both ends and wash before use.
Cucumber Juice
Helps control fluid retention and assists with bladder problems, it also cleanses the blood. Only use dark green cucumbers firm to the touch with no signs of wilting, use organic if possible or wash thoroughly or remove skin because they are often covered in a wax like film.
Until I researched the subject I have to admit that I didn't realise there were so many benefits to taking vegetable juice, but to get the maximum amount of benefit out of the vegetables you need a juicer up to the job in hand. The one we purchased and performing much better than our previous cheap juicer can be found here on the attached link
So there you have it all the information you need to help you on your road to recovery so go on " Get Juicing "
( Last Tip - the juicing process extracts most of the fibre from the vegetables so you still need to eat and cook as per normal to get the fibre back into your system )

For all who read my blog, It would be amazing if you could forward my link to as many people as you know (twitter/facebook/your email list etc). You will then be doing your own bit for ME/CFS awareness and spreading the word to people who one day might just need it! x

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