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Finding A Storage Solution When Retiring On The Road

In the United States, New Zealand and Australia the generation known as the 'baby boomers' are in, or heading in to, their retirement years. An increasing trend for these baby boomers is to sell up the family home and head out on the road in a motorhome or caravan. Recently dubbed the "grey nomads" by media, these retirees are shunning a traditional retirement in conventional homes or retirement villages and choosing instead to become part of the ever increasing transient population of their country.

Owning a motorhome or caravan is less restrictive than owning a holiday home, and for many much more affordable. The added attraction for many of these "grey nomads" is that travelling gives an active and independent lifestyle, allowing the freedom to do 'what you want when you want. Travelling in your retirement also gives you an opportunity to finally see your country off the beaten track.

The life experience from travelling in your retirement comes in many forms. Things like making new friends, discovering a new fishing spot, finding a great café, reconnecting with family, tracing family heritage, and exploring a new town or beach. The possibilities when travelling on your own are endless.

One of the most liberating aspects of owning a caravan or motorhome is that you are downsizing in the ultimate way. No longer tied to outside property maintenance and indoor chores, you will suddenly find yourself with much more time on your hands and with a lot less stress. Spending a weekend discovering beautiful scenery and being able to stop and enjoy life is a fantastic way to spend those golden years.

But before you sell-up and hit the road, you may be concerned about what to do with all that lifetime of memorabilia, precious heirlooms and priceless furniture that you have accumulated through your busy lives. Thanks to a vast improvement in the quality of storage units and the high level of security they now provide, leaving your possessions with a storage company is a fantastic option. Many of these companies let you hire storage units for extended periods, providing you peace of mind while you are travelling on the road or even if you decide to travel overseas for a period.

Many storage companies also let you store vehicles in a storage unit. This is perfect for the 'grey nomad' who has a prized car that they can't take travelling, but aren't yet ready to part with.

So before you travel off into the sunset for your retirement, find a reputable storage company that suits your budget and needs.

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