Finding joy in movement: motivate your child to stay active

Some parents have to deal with energetic, intense and persistent children who can instantly go from calm and appropriate behaviors to annoying tantrums. Their mood swings so rapidly that you barely have the time to process the entire situation and react accordingly. One second, their innocent laughter mesmerizes you and the other second, you see them with tears rolling down their face and arms crossed hating everything in their close proximity. In such cases, even though parents understand that their little ones are just more enthusiastic and determined than average, it becomes frustrating because they must learn how to calm down or control a spirited kid, also known as strong-willed, challenging or difficult. On the other hand, some parents must think about ways to encourage their kids to be physically active in order to prevent them from ending up couch potatoes. Taking into account that we live in the age of Facebook and video games, having a passive kid is actually more concerning because it can affect his health and personal development so parents need to take action as early as possible.

The benefits of encouraging your kid to stay active

Therefore, your mission as a parent is to help your child become more active, whether we are talking about exercising, playing sports or dancing. In fact, you should know that such activities come with invaluable benefits including improved balance and cardiovascular fitness, strong muscles and bones, healthy weight and skills development, quality sleep and relaxation, not to mention that engaging in group activities allows your kid to make new friends and develop positive relationships resulting in a larger social circle. If you hated gym exercises or sport in general during childhood, which gradually transformed you into an inactive adult, then you have to make an effort and join your kid on this journey. Once you find joy in movement, you feel the need to participate in all types of entertaining and challenging activities. The beginning is always difficult, but this should give you more motivation to prove that you do not give up so easily. In fact, you mostly need to let your child express himself by starting various creative projects, playing and exploring the outdoors.

Ideas that will transform your passive child into an active child

You can start slowly by setting some time aside to exercise, directing your attention towards easy-to-do activities like walking in the park with your child or planning an early morning bike ride. Both you and your little one can take a class where you can learn how to cook like renowned chefs or master the art of photography. On the other hand, you do not have to attend the same class together. For instance, you can do yoga or learn a new skill and he can learn a foreign language or the secret of abracadabra. Maybe he receives a magic wand that will make all your problems and worries disappear. Furthermore, your child can also develop painting or drawing skills by taking an art class. If you believe that all these activities are not enough to keep your passive kid active, then you can opt for dancing classes or even gymnastics. If he shows a great passion for artistic dance, then you can even allow him to enter a competitive dance studio for people of all ages. Who knows, maybe one day or even sooner that you expect, he will get a perfect score from strictly come dancing Craig, which represents a great accomplishment if you think about it.

Plan ahead to make sure that you actually do it

Helping your child get the necessary dose of physical activity daily is quite difficult, especially when being an inactive parent yourself, but not impossible. For instance, you can reserve an entire weekend or at least a Sunday for an adventurous road trip or a mini-vacation. It not only helps all members of the family to bond, but also enables them to get closer to nature. The most important thing is that your kid spends more time outside than lying in bed and watching cartoons or sitting in front of the computer. If you manage to make him leave the house, then you already are a heroine; just make sure that you take advantage of the time spent on the road or in the woods and engage in different types of fruitful activities. Instead of dropping off and picking up your little one from school with the car, you can take a walk together and discuss the things you both experienced throughout the day. In fact, you do not even have to go straight home; you can stop at the playground and savor a delicious ice-cream, especially when he gives you good news regarding his accomplishments at school. Become an inspiration for your child; stay active and he will follow your example.

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