Finding Time For Your Own Life While Being A Mum

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate our times with a variety of things and tasks to simply avoid the fear of missing out. Thus, mothers who have families and a variety of parents’ responsibilities tend to self-realize themselves in other spheres of life. These may include professional career, hobbies or self-growth and improvement. But how do they manage to cope with all of these things at once? This ain't about the magic of time management but rather the reasonable prioritization techniques.

Being a parent means taking care of a child 24/7, especially in the very first months of his or her existence. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating as it feels like you do not have your private life and time for yourself. Even if you want to look for a new partner or simply someone you would like to date at the special source, it seems there is never time for this. The issue here is that we all have an equal amount of time on a daily basis, so the problem is in its allocation to different spheres of life.

Being A Mum And A Self-realized Personality

Both parents are to be equally involved in the child’s growth and development. However, given that in the very first months of your child live, you are the only one who can feed him or her in a natural way, the ties of connection grow faster and stronger. Thus mothers can easily become the whole world to their children and vice versa. If this happens, the time management issue usually arises in a very unpleasant and acute way.

Below, we have gathered a few simple rules on how to cope with these issues for mothers of all ages and professional aspirations:

  • learn how to let things go: often we do not trust other family members or even professional nannies in taking care of our beloved babies. There is a small part of sanity in these feelings, however, this can also deprive you of sleep and time for yourself. Learn how to trust others and not worry about your kid when he or she is not by your side;
  • forget multitasking: being present in the moment and thus focused can save you many hours of productive work. Therefore, if you are already spending time with your child, do not try to solve a variety of work problems. Be present both at work and at home and do not multitask, come what may;

  • embrace the power of a “no”: yes, there are too many opportunities out there. And yes, some moms in Instagram seem to be perfect multitaskers. But you are not them. You only have your life, tasks, and conditions. Try to be wise to what you take upon yourself and be brave to reject anything that does not suit your schedule.

To crown it all, there are numerous difficulties and challenges in being a working mother who aspires for constant personal growth and development. However, there are also ways to alleviate these experiences and make the most out of it in both fields.

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