Finding Your Niche in the World of Blogging

Blogging has exploded all over the internet, but with every second person posting their thoughts and opinions, how can you possibly hope to stand out? At the moment, the blogging world is a massive ocean filled with every creature you can imagine, but only a few blogs rise to the surface, and even fewer make it to the shore. You could find a blog on any topic imaginable. Want to talk about trains? Got it. Want to talk about weird bodily fluids? Got that too. If you can’t bring anything new to the table, how are you supposed to be noticed? The easiest way would have to be using your somehow already impressive fame to make your blog known to the masses. Of course, not all of us have this elusive fame, and even if we did, it would still require a lot of work and quality. Aside from this, there are a lot of different factors that play a role in your blog rising to the top of the ranks. 

Why do people start blogs in the first place? For a lot of people, it’s for the love of writing, or for wanting to make themselves heard, or even to do something with their spare time. Some people use blogging as a means of marketing, making a little extra cash, showcasing expertise, and building an online portfolio. Blogging is a way to share and make yourself known. If you’ve got something to give, or something to say, you can be a blogger.

The main categories that blogs fall into are food, travel, and lifestyle. There is a reason that these types of blogs are so popular though – everyone can relate to them. It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t dream of traveling, or love trying new recipes. If you have a unique passion, you could easily create a blog around it, but for the majority of us, these three things are our best options. You might be wondering how you could possibly hope to provide something unique if you’re just writing about what everyone else is – the difference is you. The simple fact that you are a unique person with unique thoughts and feelings means that you have a unique voice. You can bring a level of humor or wit to a situation that no one else could. Bring your voice and personality into your blog with experiences and photos; no one has the same ones that you do. Do you have a particularly “interesting” child? Write about them. Have you traveled off the beaten path? Share your experiences.

However, don’t get too carried away! A lack of focus will make your blog look messy. Yes, it’s a great idea to have a little variety between your posts, but keep a general theme and the blog will feel cohesive. Writing about your every passion and thought might add to the personality of your blog, but it won’t gain you a solid readership.

Another thing to consider in the way of consistency is the relevance of your images. This might seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised by the amount of posts that are published with images that don’t really match. Personal photos are always going to be your safest bet, but if you don’t have any, then stock photos are the next best thing. In fact, you’d be amazed at the enormous variety of stock images available. On the larger websites, such as Dreamstime, you could find just about any photo to suit your niche. This also plays into the design of your blog. Modern, clean, and simplistic layouts are currently the most popular, but again, a little bit of personality can go a long way.

Another massive component of increasing your readership is the regularity of your posts. It used to be the case that monthly posts were enough, but that simply will not work now. Even weekly posts will fail to make you a serious competitor in the blogging world. Ideally, you want to be making posts daily. For a lot of people, this isn’t an option, but regular blogging encourages traffic and return visits.

This brings us to the social side of blogging. Your blog cannot stop at the posts; you need to be talking about your blog on social media and, at least while your blog is just starting, remain active in the comments section. You cannot hope for your blog to be seen if it’s hard to find.

Something that you will most likely find in your comments section is a plethora of arguments. While it might be easy to maintain the comments on your page, beyond is an entirely different story. The main cause for reader arguments is opinion writing. While it is perfectly fine to have your own opinion, you need to be aware that it could either make you wildly popular or incredibly disliked. It could also create no reaction at all, if your opinions are bland enough. It is generally advisable to avoid creating an “us versus them” mentality. Say what you like, but if you isolate a group of people, you are going to get some amount of backlash. The safest words you can use are, “This is the case for me, but maybe not everybody.”

Finally, the quality of your posts is what’s going to leave a lasting impression. If you struggle with grammar, structure, or communicating in any way, it will be noticed. If you struggle with these things, you can definitely still have a blog, but you should spend some time trying to hone your skill, or at least get someone to proofread. Aside from grammar, the flow of your posts is what’s going to stand out the most. Make sure that your writing follows a natural and logical path, with no randomness in sight.

Go ahead, start a blog, and find your place. If you’ve got something to say, use these tips to be heard.

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