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Most Mom blogs are filled with home decor, beauty, recipes and the pics always look like they live this fabulous well put together life.  My blog is so not that.  LOL.

But after scouring Pinterest for some ideas, I finally made a decision.  I was gonna take my first leap into the DIY pool.  Hell or high water,  I was not gonna drown.  Pinterest is like an accident that you don't want to look at, but you can't keep your eyes away from it.

The project I wanted to do was sliding barn doors.  We have sliding glass doors in our bedroom that lead to a deck.  I didn't want to put blinds on them for one simple reason.  Every pair I have ever had, I have broken.  I get them all twisted and my husband did not, by any means, want to fix more.  His response was , "Come up with something else."  Dumb ass that he is, didn't expect to be involved in my project.

Proceed to show my husband the pic and he says no problem.  He could do it.  I was so elated because for the last 2 years, I was dressing in the corner of the bedroom.  I didn't want to scare anyone and my husband refused to put anything up to have to take it down again.  Check out my words about him prior.  Lol.

They are awesome and I love them.  

1.  My husband actually built the doors.  If you don't have someone who can do that, you can go to Home Depot and check out doors.  That is what we did first.  The doors do not have to be fancy and don't have to be perfect.  The more beat-up the better.

2.  I painted the doors white on both sides.   Then, I took a chain and just started beating the doors.  Boy, was that fun!!  If you had a bad day at work or with the kids, the better the door will look.  Let it go! Let it go!

3.  Then, I took a hand held little sander and started sanding the edges.  You can purchase the sander in Home Depot as well.

4.  Finally, I took Miniwax Brown and wiped it on with a dry rag.  The next step is important - you then wipe off the stain.  You do little sections at a time.  It is easy, but you do not want to rush it.  Let it dry and stand back.

Afterwards, I could not believe I accomplished something like this.  I ALWAYS wanted barn doors for the reason that I feel like I live in a barn.  A barn filled with crazy animals!

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