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Fulham is a historical little area situated in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is located in the middle of River Thames and Charing-cross. Fulham has a unique sporting history which impressed thousands of enthusiasts who love sports. But there are lots of other things Fulham is known for. Here are the top 5 historical facts about Fulham that you didn't hear before. So let's start the discussion…

1. First Speed Breaker of UK

It is well-established that Britain's streets are one of the best streets to drive across the world. However, there are a couple of deadly accidents were happened for over speeding in the last decade of the 20th Century. That's why it was necessary to apply some physical prevention to slow down the car speed. Therefore, in 1984, the first-speed breaker was set on the Alderville Road and Linver Road in Fulham. The area became the first place to apply speed breaker strategy.

2. Director’s First Choice

Due to Fulham's natural beauty and historical events, it has been the top-notch choice for directors and producers. Lots of famous movie like the Omen (1976), L-Shaped Room (1962), and much more are shot in this area. Also, there are lots of underrated movies were shot in this area.

3. First Boxing Match in UK

In history, boxing is one of the oldest sport and has been playing for thousands of years. It was an estimation that, the first boxing match was placed in 336 BC in Greece. In 1867, the first professional boxing match was held at the famous Stamford Bridge Stadium in Fulham. Marquess of Queensberry gave the winning cups. Therefore, Queensberry rules in boxing were first launched.

4. Many Celebrities Birthplace

Have you watched all the Harry Potter films? Then you would be surprised that the leading star of Harry Potter "Daniel Radcliffe" was born in Fulham. Also, there are lots of other celebrities were born at this place like Lysette Anthony, Bernard Archard, John Hollis, Gerry Cowper, Hazel Douglas, Joan Benham, and many more. Many of them started their career at Fulham.

5. One of the Oldest Football Team

Are you a fan of Fulham FC? Then a good news for you - Fulham Football club is one of the oldest football clubs in London who plays EPL and other international leagues. It was formed in 1879, and since then this club is produced thousands of skilled players who played for the national team and top leagues worldwide.

If you want to explore Fulham, then you can hire a Fulham taxi and visit the places that mentioned in this article. You will definitely love this place.

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