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Five Incredibly Unique Gift Ideas for Your Wife!

You know how women tell you that they don’t need gifts for them to know that they are loved and treasured? Well, guess what? On some occasions, that might be completely BS. It is likely their way of telling you to get your wallet and go shopping or to get creative and start thinking of a lovely present for them! How do I know this inside story? Well obviously, I’m a woman too and like any other woman I have ever met or get acquainted with, I love gifts!

But before you start thinking that women are some kind of materialistic, diamond hungry, energy sapping monsters, let me clear the picture for you. We love gifts but we do not want men to break their bank accounts and adorn us with ridiculously expensive stuff. In fact, we prefer gifts that are unique enough but not necessarily costly. So if you are planning to buy a gift for the best woman in your life (your wife of course), you might want to check out the following before buying:

  • Nothing Speaks of Love Better Than a Monogrammed Rain Jacket! Rain jackets are practical gifts because they are essential items for everyday living. I mean, who knows when the next rain would pour. And if you think that your wife won’t love them because they might be kind of cheesy that’s where you’re wrong! If you buy a customized one and have your wife’s initials monogrammed on it cheesy would be the last description she’d think of! It would be the cutest idea ever, particularly if you get one that matches hers, just like a pair of couple shirts! Although in your version, it would be a pair of couple rain jackets! 


  • Empower the Woman Within! No, it’s not about being a feminist! In fact, it’s a far cry from it. All I am saying is that gone are the days of a patriarchal society. Empowerment books would help you communicate to your wife that not only do you value her because she is your wife, you value her because she is a woman of courage, love, forgiveness and all that good stuff. In other words, you value her for being the person that she is.
  • Why So Serious? Get Some Humour! You can’t be serious all the time, otherwise, you’ll die early. Show your wife that you’ve got humour and that the two of you can share a healthy dose of daily laughter. Grab some gag gifts for her but make sure the gift isn’t inspired by sarcastic humour or you’ll end up sleeping on the couch at night!
  • Show Her Your Naughty Side! Oh you know what I am talking about. You and your wife deserve great bed action after a hard day’s work! It would be a fun way to explore each other’s sexual interest in the context of your intimate relationship! You’ll be surprised with how game she most likely is. But don’t overdo it of course. If she isn’t enjoying it, don’t push it. There’s a line between kinky and BDSM and while many may enjoy the latter, you need to make sure that your wife’s idea of sexual exploration falls under this category before attempting it.
  • Give Her the Gift of Experience! You know what many couples are missing these days? DATE NIGHTS. The longer the years that couples spend together, the lesser they go out. They raise their children, make sure they are saving enough money for the future, earn money to pay the bills and before they know it, they no longer spend quality time together! But this is one sure shot way of having marriage troubles. Spend some time with your wife (and no watching TV with her beside you doesn’t count) – take her out to a lovely dinner or an intimate walk in the rain,  hold her close while star gazing or pay for an extravagant vacation for the two of you if you like. Make her feel that you love her and that you want to spend time with her just like before when you still did not have the kids to look after to.

So what do you think?! I told you, I got some pretty unique ideas on gifts for women (and in this case, gifts for your wife). If you want to gather more ideas, feel free to search the net. There’s plenty of them and they’re free for your taking!    

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