Five Products to Help your Baby Sleep Through the Night

One of the hardest parts about being a parent is getting your child to sleep through the night. Babies are especially troublesome. They barely understand the difference between day and night. There are lots of aids available to help you get them to sleep through the night.

 Let’s take a look at some of the products you should buy to help your baby sleep through the night.

 1.      Stuffed Animals

 It’s a classic option, but a great option. Stuffed animals work best when they have your scent on them. At a young age, children need the security of their mothers to feel safe and secure. Unless you’re sleeping with them, you can’t make sure they have this security.

 Keep the stuffed animal near you so it has your scent on it. This will keep the scent of security near your offspring while they sleep.

 2.      Blackout Blinds

 Blackout blinds, such as Corumbra Black, are essential for helping babies tell the difference between day and night. Babies often don’t sleep through the night because they don’t realize night is the time for sleep. This causes even more problems if your baby is attempting to sleep during the summer months. The fact it doesn’t get dark until close to midnight makes it difficult to get them an early night.

 Use blackout blinds to darken the room. Make sure the blinds are of good quality and keep out any light. Try to choose from this selection for a pair of durable and effective blinds.

 3.      Night Light

 Experts recommend purchasing a cheap night light for babies who’re trying to get to sleep. You’ll never have your child fall asleep and sleep through the entire night without any problems whatsoever. They will wake up at some point. Whether they start crying or simply fall back to sleep depends on what happens next.

 Total darkness can seem disorientating and unnerving, which is a major cause for crying. A nightlight makes it clear they’re in familiar surroundings.

 4.      White Noise Machines

 Babies have been known to respond well to white noise machines. These are especially useful if your child can’t seem to sleep when there are household noises from downstairs. White noise machines can stay on for the whole night and create a vacuum your child can use to get to sleep.

 For the reverse, purchase a music box or a CD of household noises. The sound of music and noise from the house can act as a comforter for some babies.

 5.      Pacifiers

 Some parents claim pacifiers are terrible for babies because it encourages bad habits. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They give these children comfort when they need it most. To prevent the risk of a pacifier falling out of their cot and out of reach, place multiple pacifiers in the cot with them.

 Believe it or not, babies will search for their pacifier before they start shouting and screaming. Even at such a tender age they’re already inquisitive and creative.

 You don’t have to spend money on ‘designer’ pacifiers. Simple pacifiers from your local store will have the same effect on sleep.

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Comment by Violette Monahan on April 15, 2014 at 9:17am

Thanks, usefull information.

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