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Good Afternoon!

New York had it's first snow of the season yesterday and I must say I actually just embraced it. I spent the day working on some edits and drafts then was binge watching this new show I found on Netflix called The Killing omg a must see. The writing is fantastic! The story is continuously unfolding and capturing your attention second by second.

Great storytelling comes to life because of words Being able to paint a vivid picture and have an audience feel invested in following until the end requires talent. Over the years I have grown to have a deep respect for language and words. The rewards gained by engaging in proper communication. I took part in a writing challenge during my Birthday month a while back that I wanted to repost and update. So here it is, see you down below.


I have always craved understanding, I am a talker and I always made it a point to teach my daughter and my nieces and nephews the importance of expressing yourself properly and clearly. No screaming, no yelling, no tantrums. So when I read what Challenge #10 on September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com was about I really got excited, then I got quiet.

Prosperity: To write a post inspired by these words: HappierHealthierWiser.

Everyone is in search of knowing themselves, being comfortable in their own skin, finding a place where they fit. When we are young life is about play, When we are teens life is about being popular. When we are young adults it's about letting go of our parents and striking out on our own and when we are adults sometimes it becomes about taking care of others and paying the bills.

But what happens to all the in-between stuff? What happens to the fun, the freedom, the joy, the worry free?

I have been blessed to have had numerous great days in my life and to continue to have and enjoy them but aside from the day my daughter was born the day that brings me most joy was the day I chose to take all the lessons I had learned up to that point and with a deep breath say a prayer, close those doors and walk away.

This is both figuratively and literally because it didn't just all happen in 1 day, at least not everything. I continue to share and speak on the changes these past few years have brought me. The growth, the knowledge, and lessons I have acquired. I keep them in the forefront of my mind because I never want to forget. I don't want to repeat the past.

What I want to always share and encourage is finding true inner peace. Really getting to know yourself, your desires, your wants. Getting to know and understand what makes you whole. Once we get to that place all else falls in line. Your spirit is open to receive what now you are ready to give. Life becomes filled with what truly matters and you will no longer waste time on people and things where there is no reciprocity.

I am HappierHealthier, and Wiser because I know my worth, I know my purpose, I know my strengths and I am grateful for having compassion and empathy both for myself and others. I can enjoy today being even more in the moment than I have in the past.  As a woman and as a mother I can continue to teach and inspire my daughter that every day is a new start. An opportunity for a new beginning and that your story doesn't end until you say it does.

Hey, so what are your thoughts? 

Value- if you aren't being valued in your connections then leaving them behind is not a loss.

Purpose- investing time on anything or anyone should be for growth and productivity. Gaining something positive not feeling drained or alone.

Strength- anyone can take on the roll of a Myrter. The one who "sacrifices" for the good of all. But my perspective is, wouldn't it be better to share the load and not build resentment than to build alone and watch the foundation crumble?

Empathy- I can understand what you may be going through, but I will not absorb your energy. I can be supportive, encouraging and uplifting but not at the expensive of my own well being. I can not solve your problem.

Moment to Moment- Yesterday is gone, I don't know what Tomorrow may bring but I do know that right now is what counts. What I do with and for you at this moment is what matters. The joy we can share now. What I do this second to build a better minute is what you will remember and if I am not doing that then it is time to go.

Five ways an End can become a Gift is a great perspective to keep in mind as the year is coming to an end and 2018 is right around the corner. What changes do we want to make in our lives? What chapters need closing? What new journeys do we need to embark? 

Reminder Loves to follow Living in Mommywood on Instagram for daily words of EmpowermentMotivation, and Inspiration. I also encourage you to use the #MommywoodGems to help me build a strong supportive community so that we may all have a go at Creating our Best lives!

Always stress-free xo,


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