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FlightHub’s Top 4 Family Vacation Destinations for 2016

Family vacations are a time to spend with one another and make memories that will last a lifetime. Each vacation, or trip, should be a unique experience, so FlightHub Review has compiled our top picks for the best family vacation spots of 2016!

Tulum, Mexico

Two hours south of the Spring Break parties of Cancun lies an oasis you and you’re family are dying to go to. With picturesque beaches, ancient ruins, and some of the best hotels around Tulum, Mexico has it all. FlightHub has named this one of our top family vacation destinations to visit in 2016.

Whether you decide to stay on a resort or rent a home while you visit, you and your family will have the time of your lives while in this beautiful Mexican paradise. Spend the day in the world’s largest natural aquarium in Xel Ha and teach let your children explore the biological wonders of the ocean!

If you’re more interested in enriching your children with history, then FlightHub suggests spending the day wandering around the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza. As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, explore the site and learn about the ancient civilizations that reigned over Tulum centuries ago.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Off the beaten track, take the short flight and stop in the city between two worlds! Reykjavik is the capitol city of Iceland and is world famous for their breathtaking landscapes and booming tourist industry. Take advantage of the city’s rising celebrity before it becomes overcrowded with tourists.

Take your kids and splash around in some of the world’s most famous thermal pools, and enjoy a children’s performance while you’re there! Once you’re done splashing around, play Viking with the kids and visit one of the city’s many museums. Ever dream of horseback riding? Make your way through pastoral valleys or rocky lava fields while on horseback with the whole family! FlightHub can’t get over how diverse and wonderful this city is, and thinks it’ll make for a great family vacation!

Dublin, Ireland

FlightHub says back up your bags and head to the Emerald Isle! Bringing your kids across the pond isn’t too bad when they know they might find a leprechaun on the other side! Let your family explore the beauty and history of Ireland through their many cathedrals and museums! The best part about this is that oftentimes, children get in for free! FlightHub suggests bringing your kids to the Natural History Museum, or otherwise known as the “Dead Zoo”. Despite its semi-morbid name, you’re children get to experience an exhibit quite unlike they’ve ever seen before.

While you’re in Dublin, be sure to enjoy Dublinia, an interactive medieval exhibition that brings history alive for your kids through audio, games, performances and much more!

Being part of the EU, Dublin is easily accessible to other parts of Europe should you wish to venture and extend your European adventure!

Tokyo, Japan

Take a trip unlike any other your family has ever experienced. Though the plane ride is a tough one to wrap your head around, bring your children across the world and land in Tokyo. Exposing them to different cultures and experiences will leave a profound affect, and hopefully an openness to explore the world on their own one day. Japanese culture is unlike anything else, so make sure you take advantage of what the beautiful country has to offer.

Are your kids Pokemon lovers? Then a trip to The Peninsula Tokyo is where you need to be. The hotel has opened an interactive Pokemon experience curated for children. So when the time comes for mom and dad to take a quick snooze, know that the little munchkins are enjoying their time in Japan to the fullest.

Feeling like you want a Disney fix? No problem, FlightHub recommends visiting Tokyo DisneySea. Built and inspired by local myths and legends of Japanese culture, this theme park is unlike any other in the world. Spend the day playing, or watch intricate shows and performances put on by the staff. Either way, FlightHub thinks this park will provide you with lasting memories! 

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