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FlightHub's Guide To Surviving A Rainy Holiday

Going on a family holiday is a big deal for most people; the trip took planning, budgeting, and was wrapped nicely with high expectations and excitement. So what do you do when it rains on your perfect family vacation parade? FlightHub review has you covered with plenty of fun activities to do while spending quality time with your family. Slow down the clock and take advantage of the time you have together, without worrying about the responsibilities of home.

Buy a poncho and get going

Don’t let a little rain wear you down! Whether your plans were to lay by the pool or beach, or to site-see, go for it! FlightHub suggests packing durable ponchos and shoes you don’t mind getting wet! Going out in the rain will definitely make your trip a memorable one, and the sites aren’t less beautiful with a few rain drops. In fact, most attractions will be free from heavy tourists due to the weather, so take advantage!

FlightHub suggests packing quick-dry clothing and towels with you, and if you can manage an extra pair of shoes, bring those too!

Don’t worry about being wet!

Bet you didn’t think you could sit pool side in the monsoon, but FlightHub says differently. Seeing as you’re already wet, why not take advantage and play in the water. Just be weary of the weather and make sure there’s no thunder and lightning storms ahead. Keep dry towels close by and enjoy some family time. An added bonus for the rainy play is that water is typically warmer!

Make a pillow fort!

Having fun indoors isn’t hard with a little imagination! Push the beds together and call hospitality to request more fluffy pillows and blankets for your ultimate pillow fort! Order up some room service and yummy snacks and spend the day playing pretend with your young ones! FlightHub can’t think of anything better than spending some quality time with your family among of sea of pillows and blankets.

An added bonus that FlightHub is sure the whole family will love is to order a sundae kit from room service! Go nuts with these delicious snacks while playing in your pillow fort!

See what activities are going on at the hotel

Are your munchkins feeling restless? See if you can find a children’s activity coordinator at the hotel. Oftentimes hotels have children’s facilitators and spaces for kids to play and explore! Sign them up for the day while you and your partner enjoy spa amenities (or more realistically, nap). Pick up the munchkins around dinner time and listen to their adventures from the day!

Set up a scavenger hunt

If the hotel doesn’t have a activities to keep you busy, then FlightHub suggests making a quick scavenger hunt to keep yourself and your kids entertained throughout the day! Split up into groups and add that competitive edge while you roam through the hotel and find the items on your list. Create family memories while keeping you and your kids entertained during your rainy day in!

Though your vacation may have taken a turn for the wet, it doesn’t mean its lost cause. Slow down the clock and enjoy the time you and your family have together 

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