Are you one of those people that admires your neighbours’ gardens when they are in full bloom with envy? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to give gardening a try but feel like you do not possess the know-how to make a success of your own garden? If these are questions that reflect your own gardening capabilities, help might be just around the corner. In fact, gardening is probably not as devilishly difficult as you may believe it to be. There are plenty of flowering plants and shrubs that are simple for even most amateur gardener to grow and maintain. Before you know it, these plants will produce the types of colours and fragrances that you might never have believed would ever emanate from your own garden. Read on to find out which plants you should be planting this spring to make your garden an eruption of life when summer arrives. 


The popularity of jasmine among gardeners is derived in great part from its incredible fragrance. The flowers of the jasmine are small, numerous and white, and they give off an aroma that is intense enough to fill a room if you take cuttings inside to decorate your living space.


On seeing an iconic plumeria plant in bloom, you might think you have seen one somewhere before. Sometimes known as the frangipani or temple tree, the pink, star-shaped plumeria is native to the Hawaiian Islands and features heavily in the iconography of native Hawaiian culture.


The mandevilla is a tropical plant with red, pink or white trumpet-shaped flowers that will really add some life to your garden. It is categorised as a vining plant and thrives if planted in a hanging basket. The plant is hardy and grows well in temperate climates.


Petunias produce full-bodied flowers that come in a great variety of boisterous colours and elaborate two-tone patterns. The flowers catch attention throughout the spring and summer due to their long flowering period and their sweet scents.


If you have a spot in your garden that receives too much heat, try growing a blood-red lantana plant there. Comfortable in desert-like conditions, the lantana is extremely hardy and thrives in hot and dry conditions that would make many other flowing plants wilt and look sorry for themselves.


With their ruffled, fluffy flower heads that feature elaborate petal formations, snapdragons are a fantastic addition to any garden in summertime. The snapdragon will add heaps of character to your garden and is available in varieties that produce a large range of different flower colours, including bronze, ivory, pink, rose, red and yellow.


The versatile salvia plant has a wide range of varieties, almost all of which produce a different colour of flower. From vibrant spikes of red to electric blue and deep purple, salvia tends to come into bloom quickly and remain in a state of colourful ecstasy for the better part of the spring and summer. It is also one of the best plants around for supporting the insect-life in your garden. The increased number of six-legged critters will help the rest of your garden into full bloom, as bees are an essential cog in the pollination process.

This article has hopefully given you some ideas for how to go about choosing the right flowers to transform your garden into a crucible of colour this summer. It goes without saying that you should buy all your plants from a quality retailer such as Pearsons Florist, which has numerous outlets throughout the Greater Sydney area.

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