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All restaurant in Canada maintain a very common rule, that any food cannot be stay in room temperature for more than 2 hours. When 2 hours passes, we assume that the food has been expired. Because by these 2 hours viruses increases their amount which can be very hazard’s for human body.

This is not only for restaurant, at home we should also take very good care of this. Now my question is what about in school. We do not have any canteen in our schools that students can buy fresh food. All food they bring is from home, which is made 3 or more that 3 hours ago. So, I can see these foods are not safe for anyone. But we are providing it for kids. So, we are maintaining food safety in restaurant, sometimes at home, but school.

To solve this problem, every school can open a small canteen where safe food will be provided. Or they can ask any restaurant to open a small food corner to sever fresh food. The students who wants fresh food can buy from them. If canteen isn’t possible then parent can order online to serve in time at school. We have many delivery organizations who can easily deliver them from any restaurant from where parents have been pre-ordered and paid.

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