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Now we're in for it...

So as most of you know Aidan went through a "I don't need food " stage which freaked both Andrew and I out
completely, so much so that we were resorting to sneak food into his
mouth, however we had underestimated how smart our child was(not sure
how that could happen because he is OUR child and we are kinda smart
too) and he would just spit it out again, well we sat panicking about
the amount of food that was making it into him that when face to face
with his baby clinic nurse I nearly bite her head off because she is
telling me not to worry as children are clever and know when they need
food and that they would not starve themselves, I mean how can I relax
and not worry, my child didn't want to eat...

Anyway Aidan did as he chose and I tried listening to Sister Maureen and not give him
sooooo many choices when it came to meal time and tried sticking to one
thing, not so easy I tell you! Sister Maureen also told me that all
children go through this as they are at the age where their imaginations
take over and their need to explore out weighs their need to sit in one
spot and gobble the food that you so lovingly prepared for them.

This continued for approximately three months and just all of a sudden did a
complete 360, I suppose the fact that Aidan is walking(or running)
helps spur the appetite on, I now have a food revolution happening in my
house, as Aidan is not only eating more but he is also starting to warm
up to eating bits of meat(before he would just chew the flavour out of
it then give it to Aimee) I don't think there is enough food in the
house anymore...

This appetite has just come from nowhere, I have a little gobble monster on my hands, for example, last nights
dinner consisted of 2x medium/large potatoes mashed, 1x purity bottle of
roast lamb and veg, a few blocks of cheese, 2x bananas(I was making
pizza for Andrew and I and Aidan took the peeled banana off the counter)
2x fish fingers and then when I thought nothing else could fit in his
belly he then helped himself to the edges of my pizza! oh and we wont
mention the fact that he had 2x cups of milk and a few sips of water...

Hmmm what tells me he has his dads kind of appetite? He will definitely be
worth the money spent when taken to and all you can eat buffet!

That's it for now, I think I'm going to go replenish my grocery cupboard

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