Foods Your Kids Love That Are Actually Good For Them (And Their Teeth)

As parents, mothers at that, it’s normal for us to be really conscious about what our little ones eat. We know for a fact that the things they like to munch on are not always the best options for them. For one, they love sweets. As we all acknowledge, sweets are to be eaten in moderation, even by adults. It’s going to be heaven if we are able to get our hands on good wholesome food options that kids actually look forward to eating.  

You might be surprised, but there are actually common food items that are both good for the kids and loved by them. In this article, we identify these foods, especially those that strengthen the little ones’ teeth and gums and make them healthier.


Eggs are the ultimate breakfast food, and it’s no surprise given that they are so easy to prepare. You can just put water in a pot, carefully throw some eggs in, bring to a boil, and voila! You already have hard-boiled eggs!

Thankfully, the little ones also love them.  It’s really good news that they do because eggs contain phosphorus, which is a mineral that is great for making teeth and gums strong. Phosphorus works in synergy with calcium to create strong physical structures for the teeth and bones.


Almost every child loves their glass of milk. In fact, many drink warm milk before going to bed to help induce high-quality sleep. Milk is indeed one of the very few kids’ favorites that parents seem to agree on.

Nutritionally, it is great because it is packed with calcium and protein that help build not only teeth and bones but also muscle and hair. In addition to that, milk also contains nutrients that help fight tooth decay by lowering the levels of acid in the mouth. Products that are derived from milk such as yogurts, cream, and cheese can also do the same trick.

You must be careful, though, because milk that is mixed with processed cereals does not count as much. As you may have noticed, cereals are very sweet. They make the milk that they are immersed in sugary, therefore less friendly to the teeth and gums.

If it so happens that sugar has already caused problems in your child’s teeth, it is best to call and use the services of the professionals at Emergency Dentists USA. They are all well-trained, experienced, and are known to treat their patients well.

Poultry and Meat

It appears to be universal. Kids are at war with vegetables. They tend to prefer meat most of the time. It will really be such a relief to know that poultry and meat are actually good for them. Aside from being good sources of protein, these food items are also good sources of a lot of phosphorus. As we have already discussed, phosphorus synergistically works with calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Meats also contain many other minerals and nutrients that effectively support tooth and gum health.


Strawberries are treats that many kids will be very happy to get. The love that these summer berries get is well-deserved because they are good sources of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are helpful in keeping teeth healthy. These berries also contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth enamel whitener.

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