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For the Father Who Loves his Beer – Unique Bottle Openers

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

Being a wine lover and having written several articles about this favorite pastime of mine (with one being on Wine Successories), I see how fanatic self-proclaimed sommeliers can be. However, now that I am occasionally trying out new craft beers like this Lake of Bays Brewing’s River Walk, I am realizing that wine lovers have nothing on craft beer fans. They bring their passion to a whole new level!

So, in honor of Father’s Day I thought I would share some of the fun bottle openers I have come across. I am sure, by now, we all know Reef’s sandals have a bottle opener imbedded in their soles. Plus the TV remote controlbaseball capbelt buckle, and ring that all function as bottle openers as well.

The list below features bottle openers that are unique onto themselves and would make a great gift for any beer enthusiast, for Father’s Day or any day:

Kebo one handed bottle opened Kebo - A one-handed beer opener because, let’s face it, this can be pretty handy! Great design, vintage look, solid feel and itreally works! Buy on Amazon or directly from Rush3Studio for $24.95.
iPhone Opena iPhone Opena - Since your iPhone is already multifunctional as a camera, mirror, flashlight, GPS, etc., why not have it also function as a bottle opener. Opena, a Kickstarter project, has an iPhone case with a bottle opener that slides up for easy use. Blackberry users this may be a good time to, ahem, upgrade. Buy directly from Opena for $39.99.
Areaware Bottle opener Wood and Nail Opener - Sometimes the simplest are the coolest. The rustic nail and walnut wood opener works beautifully. Nicely finished with one magnet that catches the bottle cap and the other magnet allows for it to be kept on your fridge. Buy from Areaware for $14.00
Monosquare bottle opener Crescent Brass Opener - Beautifully designed and crafted from one of the oldest brassware manufacturers in Japan. Made of solid brass, the polished surface will gracefully age with use and could become one of the family’s cherished heirlooms. Buy from Monosquare for $55.00
Resource Revival Bottle Opener Bike Chain Opener - For the cycling enthusiast this is the perfect opener. It is made from recycled bike chains. Check out their entire line using recycled bike parts from Resource Revival for $9.99.


To add to the list are the Bottle Catcher and Tinitule that we have written about in the past.

Still need inspiration? Check out our Father’s Day gift guide for other gift ideas for dad.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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