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I cannot be the only one…who lives in a house ran by boys and who knows that, even with their brawny efforts, making Valentine’s Day anything other than a run-of-the-mill Friday will be up to me, and this includes the Sonny Boy’s valentine exchange at school.

I started asking the very indecisive Sonny Boy what type of valentine he would like to hand out to his classmates as soon as I saw them popping up at the stores (you know, approximately the day after Christmas). With more than one Target in our neighborhood, the choices are close to limitless, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have even seen a mustache themed box of valentines.  In typical Sonny Boy fashion, he showed no interest in my suggestions, and with ample time still available before V-Day, I let it go, planning on returning to this inquiry at a later date.

When the list of names (that was incomplete, by the way, sorry to the kids the teacher forgot to include) and information concerning how the kindergarten class gets down for Valentine's Day came home in Sonny Boy’s backpack a week ago, I bridged the valentine choice gap again. I began naming off ridiculous character themed valentines that have no business clogging up my brain for to him to choose from.  Again, no choice was made.

I can already see the storm clouds rolling in over the dinning room table, where I am going to have to practically sit on Sonny Boy’s lap and hold his pencil wielding hand to write the To’s and From’s on these silly pieces of heart laden paper to make this finish reading our Valentine's Day woes, please visit me here:I Cannot be the Only One...

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