Four (4) Ways to Begin a Great Day - "E" is for Eat and Exercise

To eat and exercise right will benefit the rest of your day. Mornings begin by turning a light on. And what I do for the rest of the day can keep the light on or burn it out. Giving my morning a generous head start keeps my energy and attitude more positive for the rest of the day. I’m a morning person, but a LATE-morning person. I don’t do wondrous things first thing.

After I wake up, I make a sleepy, quiet trek across the house to the kitchen to start breakfast. I stay in my sleepy cloud for at least 45 minutes and I may not remember conversations during that time, but I love the quiet process of mornings.

In order to enjoy my mornings, I have created ways to stabilize and energize them.

First, I pull a smile out of the air to remind myself that today is going to be great, because in all honesty, it will be.

There are four more things that I do in order to create a day of solitude.

Here are Four (4) Tickets to Start a Great Day. Read about them in more detail below the image.

4 Tickets to a great day. "E" is for Eat and Exercise #BetterChoices2016

  1. Sleep - It’s not always possible, but a good night’s sleep is an obvious day starter. Moving through your day thinking about what the day will bring instead of thinking about taking a nap is a win. Go to sleep on time, avoid caffeine later day and have a relaxing bedtime routine.
  2. Exercise - I have a friend who goes to the gym every day at 4:00 a.m. I admire her for it, but I have embraced that it will never be for me. I prefer afternoon exercise and I like doing them at home. But when I do simple stretching in the morning, my attitude compass is set to “happy” for the rest of the day. It’s a brief amount of time in the morning that I truly thrive from. Sponge Bob Square pants isn’t very far off from reality. Our bodies are like sponges; porous and absorbent. We take in toxins through our skin and appetite, and it lurks in our organs. When we do things such as receive massages or do strenuous, stretching activities, the movements squish toxins out of our organs and bodies. Drinking lots of water afterwards helps wash them out of our system. Stretch, squish and flush! Find your thriving existence by finding the best time for your exercise, and do it every day. We need a day off from work, but not from blood circulation.
  3. Eat - What I eat in the morning is what I am, so if I eat pancakes, I lie flat and feel soggy. I’ve made berries and baby peppers a part of my mornings for the last year or so. I must also have protein in order to have a day that doesn’t include a migraine. I reserve my mornings for healthy. After that some days, anything goes, but I want my focus on healthy at the start of my day in order to equal a better day.
  4. Eat protein - If I skip protein, I’m guaranteed to have a migraine or headache later. Think about and feel what feeds your brain. You need it functioning at top form all day, not just in the morning, but from morning until night. Walnuts, eggs, avocados or salmon are some brain foods for breakfast. Imagine what your day will be like if you combine them!

There are plenty of ways to start your day “on your mark” style besides how you eat and exercise. Think of the ways that work for you in the morning and put them into your routine. Be your own cheerleader by giving yourself the power of a positive, focused day and then light it up.

This is Letter "E" in my ABC's Blog Series #BetterChoices2016, Eat and Exercise. I am blogging once a week for 26 weeks to help you to create a life you love by the end of 2016. You can read the previous letters on my blog. Signing up for my newsletter will invite me to send them directly to your email, as well as shower you with  other news, free printables and book excerpts.

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