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I know we've all seen the "free" credit report advertisements. Usually you get it free for a month, and if you don't cancel, you find a charge of $14.95 on your credit card. I just came across this neat website that offers you a chance to see your credit score for free without even having to post a credit card or debit card! It's called Credit Karma. What's the catch? You just see affiliate offers that fit your demographic. However, you're under no obligation to sign up for any of them.

Prior to signing up for this page I did security research. Nothing bad turned up on Google or with the Better Business Bureau. Actually, all I saw were good reviews. Plus, they have their site TrustE certified, McAfee Secured, and Verisign secured. Just make sure prior to signing up that the URL includes https://...that "S" shows it's secured. This quote is straight from their FAQ:

Is this safe?

Credit Karma is committed to your safety. We follow the latest security precautions to protect your identity and your data. In fact we went a little bit over the top in an attempt to do everything possible to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Our site is registered with VeriSign and Hackersafe. Our office is protected by a 30lb beagle.

I signed up and wow was I impressed. Now remember, you're only seeing your credit score and not the whole report. (If you're looking for a sincerely free report you can request 1 free a year from However, it does explain to you why your score is the way it is. What I thought was totally neat, is the way it allows you to pick different scenarios to see how things can negatively and positively effect your credit score such as paying off all your debt or letting a bill slide into collections. This site also doubles as an answer center. They have many answers to a lot of common questions such as how to close old accounts or why age is so important when it comes to your credit.

Since the security issue was covered, I only had one other concern...and it's probably the same as yours:

Will using Credit Karma lower my credit score?

No. Credit Karma is making the credit score request on your behalf. Inquires made on your behalf will not be shown to creditors and will not affect your credit score

So there ya go. You can pull your credit score as often as you'd like...although you're really not going to see a change day to day. If you're in the market to be buying a car or house soon....or maybe you're just trying to spruce up your credit, Credit Karma is worth checking out.

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