Last week, I started a new blog segment that I refer to as my Friday Favorites.  These are things that I have discovered over the past couple of years.  Who knows what you might find here?  It could be a food, an appliance, or even a destination.  But each item, in its own way, contributes to the awesomeness otherwise known as my green lifestyle.  So without further ado, here are this week’s Friday Favorites:

“Cause” It Tastes Great!

Have any of you ever heard of Project 7?  I hadn’t either.  But one day, while standing in a checkout line, I saw this gum “tube” that had SAVE THE EARTH printed in bold letters and I was really intrigued.  I mean, how exactly can a tube of sugarless gum save the earth right?  Well, the company is called Products for Good, and each product that is created helps out one of seven different areas for good somewhere on our planet, hence the term Project 7.

The seven areas of need are: Feed the Hungry, House the Homeless, Heal the Sick, Quench the Thirsty, Teach Them Well, Hope for Peace and Save the Earth.  When you buy a product from Products for Good, the proceeds are used to provide financial support for non-profit organizations around the world and to raise awareness about these important global issues.

It just so happens that MY product, Fresh Mint Gum (sugarless of course), support the Save the Earth project by re-planting fruit trees around the world.  Products for Good has partnered with the non-profit group “Plant with Purpose”.  If you feel so inclined, I encourage you to visit their website at  It’s a great thing they’re doing!  The tube can be recycled and I like to chew the gum “cause” it tastes great!

What Would George Carlin Have Said?

If you ever listened to the late, great George Carlin’s standup routine, you’ll remember the bits he used to do about food, specifically the “names” of food.  He always used to say that “guacamole” sounded like a “party dress”.  You’re going to a party?  Would you like to borrow my green guacamole??  And then there was the word “yogurt”.  He would make the most hysterical face when he said it because, let’s face it, it really doesn’t sound like something you’d want to eat.

And that brings me to my next favorite thing which is (drumroll please) Kefir.  The very first time I hit up our Whole Foods Store I decided that I needed to be open minded and look at everything (which took about 4 hours and I still wasn’t done).  There were SO many things in that store that I had never heard of before, but the Kefir really stood out, no doubt because of the funny name.

After reading the label, I was about to put it back when my son’s friend said, “cool, you like Kefir too?  I drink that at my grandma’s house.  It’s awesome”.  How could I pass it up now that I received his raving endorsement?  So I brought it home, tried it and was hooked from the very first glass.  My favorite is the Strawberry Banana from Lifeway.

It contains 10 live and active cultures and really boosts the immune system.  It’s also great if you have any digestive issues and it is 99% lactose free (in case you’re lactose intolerant).  You can drink it by itself or blend it with your favorite fruits.  It’s very healthy, delicious and comes in a 100% recyclable container.  And I just realized that the family who started the company lives right here in the Chicago area.  Bonus!

Not Just Healthy, But Vital

My last Friday Favorite is this little group of tablets, which are the cornerstone of my health regimen.  I had been an “off and on” vitamin taker for a long time, mostly taking Centrum or One-A-Day because that’s what my mom used.  I never felt any different but I took them because I figured it was probably a good idea.  When I got a little older, I started shopping for vitamins at stores like GNC and Vitamin World and was completely overwhelmed with the selection!  So I stopped.  And I continued to feel sluggish, tired and frustrated.

Then, I discovered these little gems which are called the Vitality Pack.  I did some research because I was really clueless on what vitamins and minerals I needed and how much and I made some amazing discoveries.  Many popular vitamin brands create free radical damage and don’t allow for absorption by the body’s individual cells.  No wonder I wasn’t feeling any better!

Even though I am pretty vigilant when it comes to nutrition, I know that I can’t possibly get all the nutrients I need from my foods every single day.  Even a completely raw, organic diet is bound to leave nutritional gaps because of what we have done to our soil over the years.  These vitamins give me that help.  This little grouping contains the water soluble multi-vitamin I need, a powerful anti-oxidant, a pro-biotic that helps with digestion and the extra calcium I need at this stage of my life.

In 2 ½ years on these vitamins, I haven’t had the flu, the sniffles, a cold, allergies…nothing.  And I live in Chicago!!  This will likely be a favorite for years and years to come.

So there you have it.  My Friday Favorites for the week.  If you have any comments or questions on any of these items, please let me know.  And in your comment, tell me some of YOUR favorite things!  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

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