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@$#*%! Friday! Funnies & Twitter #FF Lure Mr. Linky To Crazy Town!

Surely by now, you all know how this works. But just in case, allow me to take you by the hand & coddle your woefully out-of-touch ass through the process. It’s Friday…& though not one of us has yet settled on an actual title, it’s all about the F words. So @$#*%! Friday will do. We post our funny story, joke, e-mail or even video of the week, & try to throw in some of our Twitter #FF suggestions, then we link it up below with that ever so sexy Mr. Linky, who then allows us to slut around town visiting each other & yukking it up. I’m going with eclectic today. Because I’m The Mayor, & I can do whatever the hell I want. And since my readers are too frikkin’ smart for me to get away with it week after week, I’m loathe to have my Fridays mirroring my Wednesdays. Even if it is really funny sh**. Which it is. And even if it does cut me some slack from writing. Which it does. But I’m betting none of you give a crap, since it’s all about entertaining the masses…that’s you….& if there’s one thing I despise, it’s a lazy ass fake….that’s not me. Eventually, you see right through them. And since I already have 5 brats who look right through me when I’m talking to them, I’d prefer to keep someone’s attention ON me, & will avoid the urge to throw a few images up & hit the bar for those Jager Bombs like I do on Wednesdays. Instead, after a week full of male bashing, porn names, threesomes, tattoos, & all night parties celebrating awards, I felt the need to redeem myself, & ask forgiveness for my sins. Then I remembered I don’t do that…cause it takes too long….


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