Do you remember friendship pins? I remember when friendship pins were 'like totally awesome!'

I also remember not getting any )o:

I had to make my own & pretend they were from real friends. One of the cool girls in my class noticed all of my friendship pins had the same style of beads. That felt like getting a slushy in the face (we will get to this later).

Needless to say, I was not cool. My mom shopped at the local 5 & dime store, T G & Y for my clothes. Just sayin'!

So, you are probably asking yourself, why I am thinking & blogging about friendship pins & slushies.

I have recently become addicted to GLEE.
Last weekend I was sick. I spent Saturday & Sunday in my bed watching the entire first season. Alone. It was Heaven!

GLEE brings back memories. Memories of choir. Memories of friendship pins & pegged jeans. Memories of Aqua net & bangs.

Personally, I think friendship pins need to make a come-back & I am officially starting it!

I am going to spend the weekend making friendship pins for all of my super cool friends & secret crushes.

Superdad totally gets first choice. Yes, he will be forced to wear them on his laces.
Will Schuester will get second choice.
Edward Cullen will get third choice.

Yes, I just said that ... move over Edward Cullen, Will Schuester has stolen my heart.

I {heart} Will Schuester 4-ever!
If the You Tube link does not work above click here (o:

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