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From Caveman to Shaved Man — How Men Are Adapting to Change


Word has been abuzz ever since Jason Momoa shaved his beard and revealed that this side of his too, is equally significant (read: hot) as his outer Khal Drogo was.

At one side, we have Ryan Reynolds who patronizes his grooming regimen with a stubble, allowing us to forget (though, we already have) what Deadpool looked like. On the other side, we have George Clooney, who as long as we can remember, has been sporting a clean shave with confidence and utmost elegance throughout most of his career.

For men, sporting a beard or even a goatee is of utmost importance – facial hair is reminiscent with the grand cultivation of testosterone, giving men a boost in their already manly ego and a rep towards signifier classism.

Yet, there is a personal grooming experience that most men fail to acknowledge – hygiene. Even if you are a man who patronizes a scruffy beard, there is no way why you can’t tailor it to adjust it accordingly. There is a myth that condemns men from shaving their stubbles and beards due to the fact that they’d somehow, appear less charming and irresistible towards the opposite sex.

While it’s not a hidden fact that facial hair does make a man seem more irresistible, allowing them to bend towards their sexuality with deepened sensuality, a little bit of grooming doesn’t hurt.

Transition from Caveman to Shaved Man

Have you ever wondered why men shave their stubbles and beards before an interview or traveling to a place that has a rep for detaining you at customs? While there are a lot of reasons to love the caveman or mountaineer look, you can’t refuse the impression a shaved look creates.

Mentioned below are a few reasons that we think will help to guide you towards getting the shaved man experience.

First Impression Counts

Believe it or not, no employer wants to see you with an overgrown beard that reeks of low maintenance and poorly cared for follicles. Even if you’re sporting a beard, at least be wise enough to keep a trimmer with you so that you can take care of the loose sides.

You Can Grow It Back

You do know that it’s your hair, and since it has the tendency to grow, you can always loosen up and allow them to do justice to your face, right? Even if you experiment with the shaved look for once – to see how the impact wears off – you can always go back to wearing your stubble or goatee in a couple of weeks’ time, at the very least.

Date Night or Prom Night

While a vague majority might tell you to keep that beard in order to impress your date on one of the most important dates of the year, we’d tell you to go for the look that you think is ideal for the event.


It’s not necessary that you should go cold turkey – but a clean shaved or trimmed look might help to look good with a three-piece suit and necktie. Just try to be yourself with a little bit of scented hair oil and the magic of a handheld trimmer for the trick.

Personal Grooming: Leaving the Caveman behind

Personal hygiene counts. There are plenty of hair mavericks, who advocate beard taming products for grooming and transition from the caveman to the shaved man look – some of which are mentioned below.

The Ultimate Shaving Razor

The purpose of a razor is to help you shave your beard without leaving a strand of follicle behind. We checked out https://beardedcolonel.co.uk/ and found that it has a display of multi-blade and all-purpose razors with blades that glide across your skin without tending towards cuts or allergies and irritation.


Safety razors, are better than multi-blade razors since they help to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair, allowing you to rock that clean shave with style.

Moustache Tamers

Your mustache appears all wayward all of a sudden – with hair pointing towards east and west, along with a few heading towards the north. In order to clip those that are irregular, try going for a mustache tamer kit that consists of a pocket mirror, comb, tweezers, and scissors. While you can cut that extra hair off with the scissors, assess your mustache for extras so that you can tend to them with your tweezers.

Throw away the cheap, plastic comb – if you had planned on keeping it in your kit in the first place. Keep a Swiss-made luxury wand so that it doesn’t pull your hair while you comb them and irritate your skin all the way through. Comb your mustache so that’s uniform and appears as if you’ve just grown the entire thing today.

After Shave Gel

If you think you’re done with your morning routine after simply gliding through your skin with that razor blade of yours, then we are sorry to burst your bubble (or your stubble, sorry), but you’re not. No grooming regimen for men is complete without the essence of a moisturizing after shave gel.

The aftershave gel helps to keep your skin moist and therefore, helps to prevent the onset of irritation and itching after shaving. It also helps to heal your cuts by masking them from exposure to infecting organisms.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

You might face the wrath of ingrown hair after pursuing a shave that you’ve been procrastinating for such a long time. In order to treat your ingrown hair, try turning to a concoction consisting of glycolic, salicylic and phytic acid for utmost exfoliation. This enriched formula will help you to tackle your ingrown hair by freeing the trapped hair and keeping bacteria and residue at bay.

A deep exfoliation will help you to moisturize your skin, therefore, keeping you away from infections, irritation, and allergies as well.

Beard Oil

Your beard is getting itchy – no secret, Sherlock – but you’re pretty adamant on keeping it since it looks amazing on you, so how about you get some beard oil to help you tone the irritation down? Beard oil works wonders on men who keep long beards in winter. This concoction acts as lightweight oil and helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin underneath the beard.

Beard Balm

Opting for beard grooming kits doesn’t make you less of a man – it actually helps to prove that you’re taking your hygiene responsibly. Similarly, beard balms are somewhat similar to natural beard oils because they have a lot of nutrients packed that can help soothe and soften your beard from time to time.

Beard balm usually consists of natural butter and waxes, protecting you from the harsh winds of winter, allowing you to style and sculpt your beard so that you can unleash your inner Aquaman.

Beard Wash

If the hair on your scalp can cater to shampoo, then there is a possibility that you can treat your beard with a formula that’s similar and has the ability to wash away the grime and dirt accumulated in it. This will allow you to apply other grooming products on your beard with ease since it will absorb the excess product and be open to styling remedies and sculpting options as per your satisfaction.   

The Wrap Up

If you’re afraid of going through the transition, then let us assure you that you’re not alone. Even if you’re amongst the few who regret after shaving their glory towards cold turkey, always remember, it is your hair and nobody can stop growing and reaching out.

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