Some beauty you enjoy more when you stay far away.

When you see pictures of deserts. Like camels are walking, people with very colourful dresses dancing, pictures of the sand storm, sunset in the desert etc. They all look very beautiful from far away. I won't say they don't when you stay close, but then you are also feeling the heat of the desert, sands go into your mouth and nose. Beauty comes with some consequences. When you are in the AC room, you can only see the beauty, you don't have to feel it physical hardship. I mean you are already in a comfortable position and enjoying the pictures of the desert, you may have no idea that beauty came with some terrible weather.

The same thing happens when you see the beauty of snow and winter in a cooler country. You can never imagine how painful cold can be if you never lived there.

When you see a beautiful happy family from far away, you actually can never guess what exactly happening in their life. Life isn't that beautiful, it's not heaven. That's why sometimes we see a girl/wife/husband from a happy family suddenly suicide/broke up/run away. You can't judge other's life from far away.

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