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One Single Impression Prompt - Departed

I was 25 weeks into my pregnancy
My twins were thriving inside my womb
On that day of january i got the bad news
My cervix was too short
Twins were ready to depart from my womb

The shock of it is hard to explain
My fear is palpable in its memory still
I was too far in pregnancy to get the cervical stitch
Complete hospital bed rest
Drug called Procardia did the trick

It was late January now
My marriage anniversary day
It was the day we found out
Cervix had started funneling
It had started to open from inside

Introduction to NICU was inevitable now
What is NICU?
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The days passed by
One day at a time
Hospital was our home now
Every day of pregnancy was a blessing

We made it till 32 weeks
32 weeks and 7 days
Cervix was still doing great
Thank you Procardia!
But i developed hypertension
High enough to indicate start of preeclampsia!
We do not want that..
If left untreated it can progress to toxemia
Mom can have seizures and stroke!
So Cesarean was planned
And my twins really departed from my womb

They departed from my womb
and went to an incubator
It is a best artificial womb
Helps maintaining temperature
Prevents from infection
Lets the little one live

I am thankful to researchers who developed incubators
This precious artificical womb is a life saver
They departed from my womb
As it was not a safe place any more
The research let them live
We are thankful to core

Things can even be better
Even more little preemies can be saved
We all can help
Spread awareness
Donate for this important research

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.We can all spread awareness and donate for more research.

Repost from The Self Love Project

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