We help many people to work from their home without having to deal with products, inventory, or cold calling.


Ameriplan is a 16 year old company

#1 Leader in the Discount Healthcare Benefits Industry

Member Chamber of Commerce

Member National Association of Dental Plans

Member of The Direct Sellers Association

Member of Dun & Bradstreet

Associated with thousands of medical professionals nationwide

Partnered with major corporations like: Sears, JCPenny, Walgreens, CVS & many more

Based out of Dallas, TX

Nationwide team of home workers - people working EXCLUSIVELY at home

We've found that 70% of Americans are either not insured or under insured. We provide a supplemental benefit plan to help those people. We currently have over 1.9 million members and we are growing every day! We are NOT an insurance company. You don't need a license to work with us and really, you don't need to understand the health industry to have a passion for helping people save money! Many people shy away from doing an Ameriplan business because they believe they need to become an expert in either insurance or the health industry. It just isn't true.


Full time or part time work available

Flexible schedule set by each home worker individually

401K plan available

Direct Deposit available

Dental, Vision, Rx & Chiropractic benefits are included at no extra charge

Discounts on medical plans available

Three websites included to use in your business

Free one on one training and support

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy

Daily Paychecks

Residual Lifetime Income

Many corporate discounts with companies like Dell, Office Depot, 1-800 FLOWERS & more

250 FREE leads from our team leaders each month


For a household (and household means everyone who lives at an address, they don't have to be related) Dental, Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic plan, it is $14.95 / $19.95/month. A Household Medical Plan is $29.95/month. Our Total Health plan (includes the dental and medical) is $39.95/month and we just introduced a new Total Health Plus Plan for $59.95/month, our best value. This plan comes with Dental, Medical, Hospital Advocacy, 24/7 NurseLine, Ameriplan Auto Club, Ameriplan Identity Theft Assistance, and Ameriplan Legal & Financial discounts. So you can see how if 70% of all Americans need a plan like this that these plans are very affordable.


There are two opportunities that allow your to earn an income with Ameriplan.

1.) Health Benefits Representative - We will train you how to market your business to find people that need our health care plans. These people answer our ad campaigns by either calling us or by registering onto our company website (my website is You will be responsible for relaying details of our plans and enrolling new members by filling out their applications online and submitting them to Ameriplan electronically. Ameriplan corporate then takes over from there. They service all the customers we bring in. So you see, we never call this customer back and they never call us. Your checks will range from $36 to $108 depending the plan that the customer selects. Then, starting in month 7 you will receive a residual commission anywhere from $6 to $18 (depending on the plan that was sold). You will receive this commission every single month, year after year for the lifetime of that business.

2.) Training specialist - We will train you to look for other people, just like you and me, that want to work from home. They answer our ad campaign and call us directly or they register for more information through our company website (my website is ). We then call these people back, spend about 15-20 minutes talking with them, and if they're interested, we enroll them by filling out their applications online and submitting them to Ameriplan electronically. You will then be responsible for mentoring and training them as they start their business. You will be paid $90 for every person that you help work at home for Ameriplan and then starting in month 7 you will receive a residual commission of $15, month after month, year after year for the life of that business.

So you see, there are no products. We just handle paperwork from the comfort of our home office. We never telemarket or cold call anyone. We just call people who have requested more information from us (just like you did). We are just the "middle man" setting up people's memberships/brokerships with Ameriplan. You play an integral role in the accomplishment of the team. Time and effort is invested in every person who works with us and wants to build their dreams from home. We believe in creating a meaningful environment and offering the tools to achieve success. All that is required is a willingness to learn and a desire to help people save money on their benefits, or help people earn extra income from their home.


As explained above, we receive paychecks for every membership (either member or broker) that we submit to Ameirplan. We are paid daily as we write the new business. (within 24 hours Ameriplan will cut us a check and mail it to us.) We are paid on a residual basis too. That means every month that the business is on the books with Ameriplan we continue to receive our commission every single month...forever....for the life of that business. Our commission rates are 30% and we are initially paid for 6 months worth of commission right up front whenever we write new business. Then starting in month 7, when that advancement is used up, we will receive that 30% added to our residual checks that are issued on the 13th of the month.*

As an example, let's say you helped a family two years ago sign up with our full medical plan. You would have received an initial payment of $108 and that would have been your commission for the first 6 months of that person's membership. Then starting in month 7 you would have begun to receive $18 a month every month thereafter and you would still be receiving it today as long as they were still a member. Every month that our members pay their membership fees to Ameriplan we receive 30% of those fees. This business really does build up. Imagine if you enrolled 10 new customers a month for the next two years ... for the next five years ... etc.

*you have the option of choosing to be paid "as earned". This would mean that you would receive just one months portion of your commission up front and then your residuals would just come monthly thereafter. Your checks would range from $6 to $18 initially instead of $36 to $108. In the end, you are being paid the same amount, it is just a preference as to HOW you receive it.


This is the best part! This business is yours. You own it. Your paychecks will come from Ameriplan and be addressed to you. As explained above, this is lifetime money that you will be receiving even though the work you did may have been years ago. You can will this business to a spouse or your children and then your residual income checks will one day be addressed to them. It's a way you can leave behind a financial legacy and take care of your family. I don't know of any 'job' that will continue to pay your family once you're gone. This is not a "get rich quick scheme" like you may be thinking. This is a 2-4 year process. Ameriplan has a motto, "Delivering on the Promise" That promise is 2-4 years of part-time consistent effort will generate a lifetime residual income of $100,000.00/year or more. I know people who have reached it in 2 years, I know people who have reached it in 4, and I know people who have far exceeded 100K in 4 years...It's up to you...What do you want? I'm on my way, I'm looking for others to take with me.


You must be comfortable talking on the phone and using a computer. It is required that you attend a 1 hour orientation call. It is in the evening and is offered throughout the week on different days and at different times. You can dial into the call from the comfort of your home. You don't have to go anywhere to attend this meeting. If you cannot attend the live call, a pre-recorded call is available that you can listen to 24/7. I also highly suggest listening to approx. 2 other live training calls per week. The people who grow and learn with the company stay plugged in on a weekly basis. We send out a daily team email with our daily call schedule.

We also have a training website that is available 24/7 and a training school (completed from your own home) that will help mentor you into your first promotion, ideally, within your first 30 days! Please remember all of this training is done at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. We're looking for someone who can devote at least 2- 3 hours a day to this business. More would be great, but we're really looking for 2-3 hours a day. You will need a phone with either voice mail or an answering machine and a computer with internet access.

You will receive a new IBO start up kit from Ameriplan. This is sent to you immediately. It has all the materials that you will need to start your business and to set up your home office. What is nice about this kit is that it has $50.00 in company credit vouchers included. Our corporate office in Dallas has a store where we can purchase additional supplies - like business cards, letter head, etc. You can buy more brochures, dvd's, anything you want with the $50.00 credit vouchers. '


As we mentioned before, this is a business, not a job. As with any business there is an investment that we pay to get our businesses started. The difference between a regular business and an Ameriplan business is that this investment is minimal. In fact, it's less than $100. We pay an initial $95 at the time of our enrollment as new brokers for Ameriplan This $95 covers our $20 enrollment fee, the $25 cost for our broker kit, and our first month's worth of overhead which is $50. Again, anyone who owns a business has expenses, or overhead, monthly. Ours is just $50.00/month. That overhead covers our websites that Ameriplan gives us, it covers all of our back end support for our business, including our accounting and collections and all of our mailings. It also covers the benefits that you and your household are given. I don't know anyone who owns a business that can keep it running for $50.00/month... As an independent contractor, all of your fees and expenses are a tax write off to your business (100%). You will also find that other expenses, such as your computer, phone, paper, a portion of your utilities etc. all become tax deductible.


This is your opportunity to finally get ahead in life, but even better, you can take charge of your future. No one can tell you how much money you can make with this company, no one can fire you or lay you off. You are your own boss. Why not work with a 16 year old company that has a service that people really need. I'm rooting for anyone who has the the desire to really make a life change for the better.

Changing Lives, One at a Time!

If not you, who? If not now when? 2-4 years will go by anyway, will you be in the same place you are now financially?

Learn more about me...

My Story

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On a Mission to Help People!
Liz Bondar
Senior Regional Sales Director/Regional Trainer

Home Office ~ 321-765-4707 / Yahoo IM ~ liz_bondar

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