Christmas is here! The chill in the wind, the warmth of woolens and hot cocoa, streets and shop shining bright with lights and offers, and a calendar showing holidays ahead. Christmas is the perfect time for the family, friends, near and dear ones to meet, greet and spend some quality time together.

It is also the season of parties which are hosted for small groups or large groups, family only or friends and family and so on. The best part about these parties other than food is the games and fun activities that one gets to play. These activities make everyone participative and bring out some good competitive spirit. The activities chosen depends on factors like how many guests are there, whether or not everyone knows everyone, will there be kids and so on. Here are some fun activities that one can choose from when planning to host a Christmas Party.

Be a Santa is a gift exchange game and if one is picking this activity, it is better to inform guests to bring along a gift. All the gifts are placed on a table and every player picks one from a table or steals another player’s gift. Once all the gifts have been claimed from the table, everyone can open to see what they got!

Christmas Charades is a festive spin on the famous dumb charades game. Players enact their favorite holiday activity and other player or team guesses it. Popular options include making a snowman, snowball fights, tree decoration and more.

Guess What’s Inside is a fun guessing game wherein players are handed over a box or stocking full of objects. They can’t see them but can only touch them and guess what the object is. The player with maximum correct guesses wins the goody stocking!

Christmas Karaoke is the perfect activity to put your karaoke system to some festive use. Find and feed the Christmas versions of popular songs and Christmas Carols and let your guests especially kids sing their heart out!

Christmas Wrap is a fun game that can be played in teams. Give all the teams a gift and wrapping material. The team which wraps up most gifts in a limited time wins this one.

Card Games especially online card games and roulette games come up with festive versions during this time of the year. One can easily play these Christmas special card games online with their friends.

Cookie Decoration is one game where you can decorate and eat your cookie too. Get everyone in teams and give them cookies and decoration items like icing, sprinkles etc. and let them decorate their cookies.

Christmas Pictionary is a spin on the Pictionary game. A player or host draws to depict a Christmas Carol and rest of the teams take guesses as to which one is it. The team with maximum correct guesses wins and yes, they get to sing it too!

Guess The Movie is another fun activity where the host asks simple questions about a movie and the teams need to guess the movie’s name. One can either stick to the theme and frame questions for Christmas themed movies only, or just play the regular game.

Christmas Photo Booth will complete the party in a memorable way. No party is complete without pictures that later remind you of the fun times. Gather Santa caps, elf ears, reindeer noses, candy canes and other fun elements to capture the fun moments.

Holidays are the perfect time to unwind, have a good time with old friends and make some new ones too. These activities are sure to put the festive zing in a party and make the guests want to plan another one soon!

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