Fun And Affordable Activities To Get The Kids Away From Their Consol

Gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets are all wonderful things. They offer hours of entertainment, a way to get your kid’s brains whirring and most importantly, they can give us a few moments of peace and quiet when we need them most. But the tide can turn and the next thing we know, our little ones are spending far too long staring at these screens.

When this happens, finding something else for them to do to give them a break is important but it can be difficult to work out what might be entertaining enough to capture their attention. For those of us on the brink of same day loans no matter how strict we’ve been with our budget, finding something to do that doesn’t cost a fortune is important. Here, we’ve got a few ideas to help you out.

Get Cooking

We all need to eat and what better way to keep the kids entertained and get food prepared than by involving them in the cooking process? Whether you’re looking to prepare dinner or bake something sweet for dessert, looking up a few simple recipes could be all you need to get your kids away from their consoles for an hour or two. You could make your own pizzas, cook and decorate cupcakes or even bake fresh bread ready for a lunchtime sandwich; you can even take a look and see what you already have in the cupboards as inspiration.

Learn A New Hobby

For a long-term way to spend time with the kids away from their consoles, you could try and pick up a new hobby. Things like drawing, origami, writing and similar can all be learned without having to spend a penny and can be a great way for all of you to learn valuable skills regardless of your age. Alternatively, you could invest in free language apps to teach yourself and your kids a new language, break out your phones to try out simple photography or even take up gardening.

Get Out The Games

If you have board games, this can be a great way to break your kids away from their screens for a night. Announce a family game night, pick up a few snacks or make your own and dust off your collection of the classics. Whether you try your hand at Sorry! for a competitive round, work out who killed the victim in Cluedo or make some noise with Kerplunk!, there is an abundance of amazing games that are sure to keep you all entertained for a few hours.

Have A Picnic In The Park

As we work our way into spring, the weather is getting better and going outside for a spot of fresh air is becoming a much more realistic option. If you find yourself with glorious weather, why not make up a lunch and head out for a picnic in a local park? If you don’t live near a park, you could head out into the garden for a makeshift trip ‘out’, all while being in the comfort of your own home.

Find Something Free To Do Locally

Most towns, cities and villages will have free activities to do somewhere amongst their streets. For bigger towns and cities, there might be museums around that will give your little ones a full day out for free, or you could pop to your local library and take out a few books to read. Those near rural areas might find free farms dotted around so you can take a wander and see the animals. Fishing is another great activity for the kids, you can pick up a small kayak with a fish finder to improve your success. If you're in urban areas, try free galleries or exhibitions that you can enjoy.

Whatever you and your kids enjoy doing, there’s sure to be something you can do for free. From breaking out the wooden spoon for a spot of baking to heading to the park for a relaxing picnic, there’s plenty to choose from – what will you start with?

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