Fun Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Nothing quite compares to the unconditional love a mom has for her children, so we encourage you to spend a little extra time this week thinking about the best way to show her how much you care. Because it can be challenging to find the perfect way to tell our moms just how much they mean to us, we put together a quick list of fun ideas to make her feel extra special by focusing on the things she enjoys most! (It also serves as a great go-to guide to share with dads who may be feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of some inspiration.) 


Every little girl loves a tea party, so what better way to make mom feel special than by helping her tap into that little girl again by setting up a tea party just for her? One of the best features of a true tea party is taking care of the dainty details that make it feminine and special. Some materials to help you get started: 

Small Plates, Teapot & Teacups:
Check out your favorite thrift store to find un-matching sets. The more vintage they look and the less they match, the better. Having a variety will add some whimsy to the occasion so look for floral, Victorian or dainty blue china patterns.

Assortment of Herbal Teas:
Visit a local tea store like Teavana, to find some exotic flavors that mom has never heard of before. Oolong, Mate Vana, Rooibos, plus the typical varieties like Orange Spice, Chamomile, Raspberry, provide a flavorful variety of choices.

Vintage Vases & Fresh Flowers:
Every tea party deserves fresh flowers. How often does mom have fresh smelling flowers in the house? Purchase some from your local farmers market, garden center, or pick them from the yard if you have some blooming at the time. Fresh flowers can totally transform an atmosphere.

Handwritten Chalkboard Menu:
Write your meal plan on a chalkboard like this. It can be simple with tea, sandwiches and desserts, or you can add more, but describe it in full detail here for a formal and elegant menu production. Remember, presentation is everything.

Tea Sandwiches & Scones:
Make simple cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad, or even PB&J, with the crust removed, or use a cookie cutter to make small round ones. You can also purchase or make a variety of scones. After all, what is a tea party without scones?


If Mom loves nature and crafts, help her celebrate the return of season by making an all-natural birdfeeder. Using some basic supplies from the kitchen coupled with pinecones (or orange rinds) peanut butter, and bird seeds, she’ll love the relaxed time you spend together creating something that will also provide hours of enjoyment in the yard, watching the birds come to explore their new bounty.



If mom loves music, treat her to a local symphony, concert or outdoor performance by her favorite musicians. Enjoy the event as a family and dress up, or if it is an outdoor performance, plan a picnic meal with chairs, blankets, snacks, cooler, along with some items (like bug spray) just in case! Think of all of the little things that make outings like this a huge successs (like mom usually does), so that all she has to do is show up, relax and enjoy the evening!



Let mom know she is the star of your life with a movie all about her. Come together for a family project (without mom knowing) and shoot a few recordings of each member in the family sharing their favorite things about mom. Be descriptive, loving and full of gratitude for all of the amazing things she does on a daily basis for every member of the family. Combine them all into a video, with music, using a basic program like Microsoft MovieMaker or iMovie. (Make sure you insert a few clips or photos of her in the movie as well.) Once the video’s complete, escort her into the den for a movie preview, serve popcorn, and connect the computer to the TV for a large screen viewing. Don’t forget the tissues, because she will surely cry and cherish it forever.

Mom’s are pretty spectacular, and we hope these ideas have helped you think of some fun ways to show her just how much you care!

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Comment by Emily Huston on May 9, 2014 at 1:45am

Wonderful post truly showcasing what it needs to make momma feel pampered on mothers days. Since they are not just fundamental part of our life, but in other words life & blood for us. It is our duty to the make the day special by doing or bringing things, which she likes the most. As she did the same for us when we were kid.


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