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Gain Exosure and Followers with The Social Picnic Event!

The Social Picnic Hop 3rd Edition
Join us at The Social Picnic 3rd Edition event. Gain followers AND enter for the chance to win $500 US cash via PayPal and other sponsored prizes...

1. Linksys E4200 Wireless Router - $180 Value

Sponsored by Cisco
Linksys E4200 Wireless Router
Other sponsored prizes to be announced soon!

If you didn't participate in the 1st or 2nd Social Picnic event, read some of the comments we've had from the participants:

"I want to do the social picnic again, it is the most followers I have ever had!! "

"I broke a thousand on twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

"I am loving this event!!! These events are awesome. :)"

"When is the next event? This event has gotten me more followers than any other event I've taken part in. I'll be signing up for every Social Picnic event now on!"

"Thanks for all your hard work; it shows!"

Within the very first day of going live with the 1st Social Picnic event there were over 10,000 entries into the giveaway; by day 4, there was over 43, 000 entries. The 2nd event was an even bigger success with over 100,000 entries. Alexa, MozRank and other ranks improved, GFC , Twitter and Facebook followers increased a lot for all participating blogs. Check out the last Social Picnic event here to see the giveaway details and how exactly you would be participating as a participant in the event.

The Social Picnic event is about brand marketing, social networking and gaining public awareness; what an inexpensive marketing tactic! If you are looking to increase your Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, website, Etsy, RSS feed subscription, Linked In connections and followers, or any other social media account, The Social Picnic is the event for you.

Each participant will receive their own recognition for the days of The Social Picnic event, heavy promotion via Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, email, forums and other social networking avenues. All participants are required to promote The Social Picnic event using all their own social networking avenues to all of your followers; add The Social Picnic button (code found on the right sidebar of this blog) to your website, blog or other online accounts, Posts leading up to and during the event on your blog, Tweet about the Event using the hashtag #SP3, post about this event on your Facebook account or Page. After all we enjoy a little gossip at our picnics; don t you? This kind of gossip is the kind you don t mind being included in. This is a lot of prime advertising for your blog well worth the investment and to top it off you ll have the chance to win $500 CASH via PayPal PLUS more sponsored prizes, including a Cisco Wirless Router, and other prizes to be announced! Participants do not have to provide items for the giveaway, This Lil Piglet and Family Approve do all the work for you.


The Social Picnic runs from November 8th 12:01 EST to November 15th (ends on the 16th at 12:01 EST) and will be hosted by This Lil Piglet and Family Approve; one lucky winner will win $500 cash + other fabulous sponsored prizes. Grab the button code from above to add to your site.


All entries will be done on the participating or hosted blogs This Lil Piglet or Family Approve. Follow This Lil Piglet and Family Approve to keep updated on The Social Picnic event; giveaway link and winner will be announced on the these blogs. Follow and subscribe to This Lil Piglet and Family Approve email subscription to ensure you don`t miss anything!


As most of you know and understand, a broad readership means more business for you; gaining followers is something you have to build over time. To kick start your readership or sky rocket you over that hump, The Social Picnic is quickest, easiest way to accomplish this goal with the added bonus of a chance to win real cash and grand prize package.


Anyone who would like to increase their readership or viewers, blog owners, website owners, Etsy shop owners, Companies, anyone!


Everyone and anyone who has a PayPal account can win the $500 cash prize! If you have purchased your spots in The Social Picnic, you are not excluded from entering the giveaway; in fact you have a bonus, you not only gain followers, you get the chance to win the $500 cash + Grand Prize just like anyone else. US and Canada residents are only eligible for the for the grand prize(s) but the cash is open to worldwide entrants.


Giveaway participants will follow each social media account included in this event via a simple Rafflecopter form hosted on most participating blogs and the hosted blogs, This Lil Piglet and Family Approve; each followed link on the form is considered ONE ENTRY into the $500 CASH + Grand Prize(s). Easy! The prize winner will be randomly selected.


Funds go towards funding the prize, advertising and administration. If you have any questions regarding The Social Picnic event that haven`t been answered here, please email OR


You are guaranteed to gain followers and most importantly exposure to thousands. You are not guaranteed a certain number of followers as there is no way to ensure who will follow you BUT the $500 CASH + second Grand Prize are huge incentives. We know that in this economy most people can use the extra cash!


Fill out THIS FORM and submit your payment via PayPal to Submit the fee of $20 US Funds for 2 social media accounts. Once the form has been completed and payment has been received, you will be included in The Social Picnic event list of available entries. Participants will be placed on the entry list in the order payment is received; the sooner you submit payment, the higher on the list your links will be or entries.

**We have limited the allowed number of social media accounts to 2 (2 of your choice) in order to keep the entry form list more manageable. Our apologies for this change from the last events however due to the high interest in these events and some concerns of the length of the entry form, we feel this is the best way to keep the entry form manageable while offering the number of prizes that we do.**

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