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How to Change a Home Air Filter

One of the quickest…

Custom Paintings and Other Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day 2020

Custom Paintings for Mother’s Day Gifts

Your mom is likely the most special person in your life. There is no bond stronger than that between a mother and child. This year for Mother’s Day you want to do something special, something different and unique. You want a gift that will tell a story and that will show how much she means to you – something that every…


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Gender Prediction: Are We Having a Boy or Girl?!

"It is like torture having to wait this long to find out our baby’s gender. I will love the heck out of either a boy or girl but I just feel that once we know it will make all of this less like a dream and more like its really about to get so real and amazing :-). AND we will finally be able to give our baby a name! I have been back and forth about whether or not I feel it is a boy or girl, and they say that the mom almost always knows, but I am so crazy in my head right now that I don’t think my knowledge of anything like that is admissible.

Well, we find out next week and I’m so anxious and excited!!! I am going to go so crazy on Amazon with baby shopping that you would think that I never knew such a thing as shopping existed before. Oooo! I should even plan a Saturday morning garage sale trip!

Michael’s sister-in-law introduced me to the old wives tales on baby gender and I’ve recently gotten super into them. I also finally decided if my belly is high or low. Here are my answers to some old wives tale gender indicators!...

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