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German Kitchen Design Ideas and Companies

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, there’s no wonder why so much attention is attributed to decorating this room. All mothers want to prepare the best meals for their families, and doing it in a warm, cosy ambiance is definitely making things much better. This is why they should get informed about the multitude of kitchen design styles available out there and choose one that suits their needs best.

If you are in this situation yourself and you are trying to find the kitchen style that defines yourself, that helps you picture the whole family sitting there, you are in the right place. This article will present the most popular kitchen design styles and the brands that can provide you with that stunning look. German kitchen design companies are worldwide popular for their precision and premium touches and this is why a list of the best ones was included below as well. Here’s what you should know:

Kitchen design styles to keep an eye on

The kitchen design styles that are popular at the moment differ tremendously. In order to get to know them and finally choose the one that you prefer, you must get informed about the characteristics and touches of each. Check out these styles and see if they stir your interest.

  • Farmhouse

Farmhouse designs include many elements from old houses. The central elements of farmhouse kitchens include a lot of open shelves, big sinks and hardwood flooring. In most cases, farmhouse kitchens also include the dining table in the center. There is a lot of working space available, but it is also a nice place to eat in.

  • Rustic

If you like the feel of your grandmother’s kitchen or you love the smell of wood, rustic kitchen designs are definitely for you. Distressed wood and the use of natural stone make this kitchen style unique and very comfortable. Rustic kitchens are usually smaller and they include traditional details such as a fireplace.

  • Modern

On a totally different note, modern kitchens include simple designs, with sleek appliances and furniture. Everything in modern kitchens encourages minimalism. There is no need for decorative elements and the colour palettes used are neutral. The finishing touches often include aluminium or other metal-shine materials.

  • Transitional

Transitional kitchens are a combination between traditional designs and modern or contemporary designs. The combination consists of the warmth found in traditional designs and the utility and simplicity of contemporary designs. This is why the style is called transitional. If you enjoy both styles, transitional kitchens are definitely for you.

  • Cottage

Cottage kitchens are just as cosy as farmhouse kitchens, but they also include the simplicity and unpretentiousness of modern kitchens. The colour palettes used are usually very soft, including white and pale nuances. As for furniture, cottage kitchens include vintage hardware and a lot of colourful decoration items.

How to choose one that fits your house?

In many cases, people tend to step away from a style they enjoy because it doesn’t fit the rest of the house. Well, you should know that this is not a problem anymore. Combining multiple styles in one single home became normality, and interior designers started to enjoy playing with them. If you can’t decide between a variety of styles, you can combine elements from each and contact a company that can take into account all the factors that would build your perfect kitchen. Designers can handle anything you may think of, so unleash your creativity and pour your personality into designing this house. It’s an investment that you will make for the next few years, which means you should do everything you need to do to feel great in your kitchen, next to your family and friends.

German kitchen design companies that you will love

These few companies will definitely impress you with the gorgeous designs they create. Expect these designs to be high-quality, precise and cutting-edge. Keep an eye on these brands:

  • Siematic

The first brand that is worth to be brought into discussion is Siematic. If you enjoy modern and contemporary kitchens, this company will definitely find an idea that fits the picture in your mind just right. Siematic mostly focuses on modular designing. This means that they use freestanding parts of furniture and they combine them together in order to make it fit the space just right. By using modules, they can easily create custom designs for all kitchen dimensions. Their collection includes three different styles to choose from.

  • Bulthaup

For minimal kitchens that express luxury immediately after you step inside you should choose Bulthaup. Bulthaup focuses on creating furniture that combines beautifully into the picture – no harsh cuts, no interrupted surfaces, no bulky corners. The materials used are both glossy and matte, depending on the preferences of the user. Bulthaup also offers three different styles in their collections.

  • Nolte

Nolte has a very specific style when it comes to designing kitchens. With the very same German precision, the brand offers high-quality standard at accessible prices. Nolte earned its spot in the top companies that create kitchen designs because of their professionalism and flexibility. Their experience and beautiful results recommend the company to all people who seek gorgeous kitchen design.

  • German Kitchen

German Kitchen is a brand that uses a variety of materials and considers all the requirements of the customers to come up with the desired outcome. German Kitchen is versatile, meaning that customers can opt for all sorts of styles, including the ones that are more exotic. The colours and materials used are combined in a beautiful manner, the result being a heart-warming kitchen where you would love spending your time in. Visit this website for London kitchen inspiration.

  • Eggersmann

Eggersmann is unique – you can recognize their collections very fast. Whenever they build a kitchen design, they combine natural elements with high-end technology that beautifully blends into the furniture. Eggersmann makes itself stand out of the crowd through their great use of elements. Their complex collections wait for functional, modern style kitchen lovers.

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