If you need to get rid of stink bugs in VA, I would like to help. Their are major infestations of stink bugs in Virginia, especailly in Leesburg VA, Herdon VA, Great Falls VA. Other cities that have stink bugs includes Lovettsville VA, Falls Church VA, Roanoke VA, Manassas VA. We have also heard that residents need to get rid of stink bugs in Alexandria VA, Lynchburg VA and
Winchester VA.

As you probably have heard, the national pest control companies are refusing to treat stinks bugs, due to their difficulty. However, are some local pest companies such as Dominion Pest Control that not only aggressively treat stink bugs, but offer help to residents to get rid of stink bugs in Virginia with their Stink Bug Control Package.

The Stink Bug Control Package contains everything one should need to get rid of stink bugs. The package includes the amazing microencapsulated product, Demand CS. Since Demand is microencapsulated, it holds up long even in damp, high moisture conditions. No other product on the market is as effective and safe as Demand (use according to label). So if you want to stop the stink bugs before they enter your home in Virginia, this is a great product. It lasts 2-3 months and can be used inside and outside of your home. The Control Package also contains Delta Dust, which will last 8 months in your Virginia home's wall voids. This keeps them dying before they emerge if stink bugs are already "overwintering" in the wall voids.

The Stink Bug Control Package also includes the Dura Sprayer, a tough long lasting tool for using the Demand Insecticide. Also, the package contains a 4 oz. bulb duster for easy use of Delta Dust powder for injecting into wall voids. Please read and follow all label directions when using these insecticides to get rid of stink bugs!

Stink bugs emerge in the spring after “over-wintering”, then will attempt to stay warm by sunbathing on the side of homes and businesses. They may enter the structure, get confused and emerge on the inside of
the dwelling. At this point, they are interested in staying the walls,
they are simply just trying to stay warm. You may see them around
windows, air conditioners, or you may even see stink bugs emerging from
the fireplace. In any event, it may be freaky to see them in house or
your place of business. They may be easily controlled with a
microencapsulated insecticide, if treated at the right time, or treated
consistently. For instance, our Dominion Pest Control treats homes and businesses
quarterly for stink bugs. This prevents them from entering in the first
place, or keeps them “dying at the door”, so to say.

Over the summertime, most people do not see stink bugs because they are content living outside and the warmth of summer is something that allows them to stay outside. But, in Virginia, stink bugs prepare
to “over-winter” when it starts to get cooler at night. Then, stink
bugs begin to look for places around structures like homes and
businesses that are emitting or “leaking” heat. This could something as
simple as your eaves, louvers, windows, doors. Or it could be the
chimney or wall-mounted air conditioners. In any event, their goal is
to spend the winter in your walls. The problem is, if they successfully
get in, it is difficult to get them out before next spring. Worse yet,
stink bugs feel the heat from the inside of your home, then begin to
press in trying to get to the heat source. As it gets colder outside,
the stinkers try harder to get in. This is where it gets bad.

If you would like to learn more about stink bugs in Virginia, you may visit the Virginia Tech's stink bug page.

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