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Get Your Kids The Best Christmas Present Ever - A Customized Outdoor Jungle Gym

There is nothing more magical than your child's face lighting up with excitement on Christmas morning. Especially, when you know that you were the one who made it happen. Our child’s happiness as parents is always our top priority, and Christmas tends to emphasize the issue. No parent wants to disappoint their kids on Christmas morning. Once our children learn about Santa Claus, they might start becoming more vocal about what they hope will be under the tree. While we all get that letter to Santa every year, it can be fun to step up our gift giving and really surprise our little ones. After all, Santa wouldn't be much fun if there wasn't a few tricks up his red and white sleeves.

Unfortunately in this day and age, some of the most common Christmas list wishes from children will be electronic devices. Kids of all ages want to own tablets, computers and phones, but many of us parents are trying to find a way to get our children away from the dread screen. According to the New York Times, children aged eight to 18 spend seven and a half hours per day using electronic devices. That is 52.5 hours a week, 210 hours a month and a whopping 2,520 hours out of the year. Ultimately, these figures breakdown to 105 days out of our 365-day year. These statistics are obviously a problem, but what is the solution?

As a parent, you need to play an active role in being able to give your children new resources, and a compelling reason to get away from the screen and go outside! What about an awesome Christmas gift that makes them forget all about the electronic device that topped their lists? Unfortunately, a plain old ball or jump rope isn't going to compete with the power of a screen. However, a customized outdoor jungle gym and basketball system would probably do the trick.

Jungle gyms and basketball nets are amazing for kids of all ages. They can be used by multiple children at once and are so much fun. An outdoor play system gets them moving and stimulates their imagination. This holiday gift offers physical and mental benefits and improves your child's health. Whether they are running for the swingset or attempting their first dunk, any kid is going to adore it and you will love watching your children play again.

By working with a qualified manufacturer, you can customize your system knowing your children’s preferences. If they adore swingsets but hate the monkey bars, you can simply substitute these systems. A reputable company will listen to your preferences for which materials, colours and safety features are important for your system. If you have a strict budget, it can be designed for your lifestyle. Imagine leading your children in their pajamas to their new outdoor play system on Christmas morning. If you’re looking to buy basketball equipment in Toronto, the Canadian company Play Rainbow offers customizable nets that can be adjusted as your children grow taller. You will get to watch them and maybe even eventually their children, play on it for years to come. It just may be the best present ever.

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